Friday, September 30, 2011


Anyone ever tried Shakeology?  I have.  Love the Chocolate shake, hated the greenberry but I think maybe it was the recipe I used so I'm giving it another try.  I'm considering selling the stuff, but fair warning, IT IS EXPENSIVE.  That said, a stroke, heart attack, and diabetes are also very expensive, so I'm thinking the lifelong expense of a health issue may offset the $119 a month to get the weight off and keep it off.  I'm not saying weightloss will completely deter the afore mentioned illnesses, but it certainly won't hurt.

I tried Belly Dance For Fat Loss. OMG!  I loved it and am now incorporating it into my work out routine.  I had a lot of fun, even if I did get lost about half way thru.  I'm thinking I'll have the moves down in another week or two.

 Most people give up on exercise videos and proclaim "It's too hard." when all they need to do is give themselves time to figure out the moves.  It's about quality of your exercise moves not quantity.  I like videos I can slow them down, speed them up, back up to what I didn't follow or understand or fast forward thru the parts I hate (cheating I know...) and no one is around to watch you make a fool of yourself while you're learning.

My next question is do you partner with someone else?  I don't.  I feel like anyone I partner with may eventually lead me astray from the road to fitness.  I tried walking with my husband but we always ended up doing on ly one lap instead of 2 or 3 or 4 like I was used to  because he didn't really want to go again so he'd sit somewhere and I'd feel guilty for leaving him sitting there while I continiued on. It also led me to believe he was only there to see if I was flirting with someone else and wasn't really all that serious about losing all the weight he has gained.  Plus he was always so negative that I could hardly stand him.

So there's my questions for now.

Happy Healthy Friday!

Friday, September 23, 2011

I wanna be a 1600 pound woman

Not really, but I can't believe the 2 women who have made it their life's goal to deliberately be that morbidly obese.  One in Delaware(?) wants to be 1000 pounds and she's more than half way there.  The other is aiming at 1600 currently weighing in around 700. She's after a World Record that Guiness says it won't acknowledge.

She doesnt' care and she thinks it's a sexy look.  Oh my. It's a death sentence dear, death..there's no way to exercise and be that overweight and expect to be able to live very long.  I strongly suspect the young lady in Arizona will die long before she ever gets there. 

 I don't see how her doctor can sit there on television and say with a straight face that other than being morbidly overweight, she's healthy.

I don't see how she thinks that doing a few stretching exercises will keep her fit when she can't even walk thru the grocery store.

 I don't see how men find her attractive.  Google her.  Suzanne Eman.  It's truly sad. 

I really don't want to sound condescending toward either woman. I'm just floored. Really and truly I am. I guess I'm just not wired to think that by gaining weight I'm making myself famous or sexy.

I'm overweight.  I exercise and try to eat right despite my losing momentum sometimes.  I don't have men throwing themselves at me because my 'reubenesque'  curves curve in the wrong direction.  I'd question their sanity, but I suppose to each their own....even if she's 700+ pounds.

I suppose everyone must have some kind of goal in life too huh?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pulling up by the bootstraps, Product Reviews

Hmmm, lost a follower.

I've been regrouping a bit. Looking hard at my motivation to lose weight in the past and where that motivation stands now.  There is only one thing to say.  THE WEIGHT MUST GO.

The book must be written.

The website must be more frequehtly updated.

I need more followers, maybe even ask people who follow my blog if they would like to become contributers to the content here?

The more involved this blog becomes in helping others the more inclined I will be, and those who are helping, to help ourselves,to make a difference ino thers lives while improving our own lives.  Isnt' that what we're here for? To help each other?

In other news I tried Shakeology, the greenberry sucks the underside of pond scum!  But the chocolate is yummy!  However, it's tremendously expensive.  That is the biggest downside to it.  If they want to be more successful and make more money then that exorbitant price....$119 a month needs to come down.  A lot. Plus there's a new flavor coming out in the fall: Tropical.  We'll just have to wait and see on it.  Personaly I'd like to see a vanilla flavor or one that has no flavor that can be used/added to in order to make your own flavors.

I've incorporated some INSANITY! and P90X into my exercise routine ( I looked at it on the internet because I certainly can't afford to buy the these people think I'm made of money?  Really?) OMG! My muscles hurt in the good way lol!  I reccommend it.  Buy it if you can afford it.  If not, cheat like I do and look on youtube at the clips from the program itself then incorporate them into your current routine.

Now it's time to take the boys to Charlie's house and have the evening off for myself. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

And Here I am again

Weight is holding.  That's about all I can say.  Everything else around me is falling apart.  Nothing like getting stabbed in the back, again, by the one person who professes to love you.  One of these days I will learn.  I just hope it's before I'm too old and decrepit and fat(again) to even care.

I need a better paying job and it just isn't presenting itself and I don't understand at all how I'm supposed to manage finances that disappear before they ever reach my account. Sigh.

Bankruptcy looks more appealing all the itme.