Monday, September 27, 2010

Lesson Learned

This was going to be my usual weekly new product spot.  I guess, in a way,  it is. I tried Terra's 'Exotic Chips'  They're quite tasty.  Only 50 mgs of salt.  150 calories for 15 chips.  The chips are from exotic types of 'potatoes' like yuca, taro, and parsnips to name a few. 

I was going to reccommend them with hummus, but, an interesting thing happened to me that I am still paying for right now.  It doesn't matter how exotic the potato is, it's still a starchy carb.  Starchy carbs do to people on a low carb diet the same thing that the energy drinks do to people who aren't used to drinking them.  It sends them on a sugar rush then crash.  Starch is converted to sugar and I crashed hard.  As in my sugar probably plummeted so low that I was dangerously close to the equivalent of a diabetic coma.  I slept somewhere between 3 and 4 hours. I don't remember anything except being so overcome by exhaustion that I couldn't even hold my head up long enough to cross the 10  feet from my computer desk to the sofa where I just collapsed.  The house could have exploded and I would have never heard a sound.  That scares me. 

I still have a terrible headache and still feel groggy.  The only thing that I could think to do was counter it with protein which brings insulin levels back up so I had a baked chicken breast and a cup of greek yogurt.  It worked like a charm.  I don't want to repeat that episode.  Apparently I've trained my body to reject most carbs.   Very likely I can retrain it to accept carbs if I do it slowly but why would I want to do that?

Starches also translate into fat stored and I stilll have plenty of stored fat unfortunately.  This time, it's lesson learned.  Stay away from the bad carbs.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Which one do you like better?

If you were going too dress up as a fairly modern witch which one of these blouses would you choose and why?Just remember, Leather pants and heeled boots, possibly a spiderweb cape are going along too.  Oh! And a pointy hat of course!  I've also toyed with the idea of a corseted blouse with bell sleeves as well.  See why I have to get rid of as much muffin top as possible?


I'm supposed to be writing about my 'journey' with weight loss.  Instead I find myself making shopping lists and recipes and anything but writing about me. So, this post will be about me and things going on in my life of late.

My mom had knee replacement surgery two weeks ago.  I know she hurts.  I feel bad for her.  I feel bad for my dad too because there's not a lot you can do when someone is in pain like that except just be there for them.  I took them some dinner last night, not the healthiest dinner, but mom hasn't been eating very well since he operation.  I made meatloaf (flaxseed added...don't tell my dad lol!), fried okra, (also coated in ground flaxseed, again, don't tell my dad!) and mashed potatoes (no butter, very little salt, also another little secret not to disclose to dad))

I don't want to end up in that situation.  I have to take better care of myself. We all do.

I've found myself on the lazy bandwagon again.  I'm behaving with my eating habits, it's the exercise that's being largely ignored.  I've been working out on the ball tonight.  think I'll do it again in a bit because the stretching makes me feel good all over even if it does hurt.  It's a bit cool and raining out so there won't be any fast walk/slow jog tonight.

I'm not satisfied with the slowness of my weight loss.  It took one year of mostly just eating better things for me to lop off more than fifty pounds.  If I'd been exercising all along I'd be a lot closer to my weight goal of 140 pounds.  I met my goal of a size 12.  Wonder what size I will be in when I reach 140?  I'm starting the Pilates 30 day challenge over starting October 1st.  In the meantime, I'm just doing the Pilates to get myself back into the habit of exercising again.  I want to be in those leather pants this Halloween and I want to look hot in them, not like I'm muffin top girl in pants I have no business wearing.  Muffin top is not a fashionable accessory!

Excess skin is driving me crazy, ewww yuck! It's even starting to pool around my ankles!  Maybe I should start measuring them????

October 9th I will post new measurements and weight and pics, full body instead of just face, yeah yeah, I'll have my clothes on, nobody and I mean nobody wants to see that!. So I have roughly 13 days to get my exercise game on and see if I can remove an inch or two from my waist, butt, and hips.

Sometimes I  think it would have been easier to ignore the health risks, to ignore the 'third rate' comment and just remain fat and sassy . . . and sick.  But, I am committed to that 140 pound mark and keeping it there.  Besides the clothing and shoes in the misses/junior dept are much cuter =)   Unless you have cankles, like I do.  There has to be a way to get rid of those suckers!  T'is what the internet is for I suppose.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Applebee's has an 'under 600' menu that has some pretty decent items on it.  I had the Asian Crunch Salad.  It reportedly only had 550 calories in it.  My only complaint is that it had a bit too much vinaigrette/soy sauce or whatever that dressing was.  So next time I order it, I will say put the dressing stuff on the side.

Always order the sauces that you can on the side.  That includes butter and sour cream.

Taco Bell has a pretty good Fresco menu with items that have under 300 calories, their menu even lists fat grams.  I don't even look ate fat grams, sugar, salt, calories, that's what I look at.  I'm not really even counting those.  I'm educating myself so I can be aware that there are some pretty innocent looking items that pack a WALLOP when it comes to sugar, salt and calories. On a side note: the fresco burrito is DISGUSTING! just don't even try it unless you're a glutton for punishment. 

Salads always seem like a good choice don't they?  Pitfalls that will add calories to those innocent entrees:
Dried fruit of any kind (sugar)
Nuts (salt)
Meats (especially Chef's salads that use rolled sandwich meats with that processed cheese stuff tons of calories in there and SALT)
Anything that says Crispy or Battered added to your salad is packed with calories
Dressing/Sauces Order it on the side.  That stuff is LOADED with sugar and salt.

Those are your  stealth sabotage ingredients.  They can wreck any good attempt at making necessary changes in your eating habits.

Battered,crisped, fried anything is an automatic signal to avoid that food item.  If it says creamy, avoid it.  Gravy.  Avoid it.

Au jus is fine as long as you go easy on it as it tends to be salty as well.

Be cautious with grilled and rotisserie items.  They tend to be loaded down with salt.  Same with barbecue. 

As always, it isn't so much what you eat, but how much.  Knowing your body's signals to stop eating now is just as important as knowing what to eat. 

Enjoy your restaurant experiences just keep in mind that because something looks and sounds innocent doesn't make it so.

If you're dropping in to visit, I love comments, even if it's just a howdy!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What do you really need to know?

I'm not sure how to write this particular post because it's partly a question I'm posing to my readers and a bit of witnessing, odd combination for a 'diet' blog.

I get a lot of questions in no certain order

1) What are you doing to lose weight? (insert various wording for the same question)
2) How do you know what to eat?
3) How much can you eat?
4) What times do you eat?
5) Are you counting calories?
6) Is it a modified Atkins/South Beach/Mediterranean
7) You're counting carbs?
8) Do you exercise?
9) What kind of exercise?
10) How long do you exercise?
11) Do you use a personal trainer?
12) Do you go to a gym?
13) Are you starving yourself?
14) Are you a vegetarian?
15) Are you taking supplements?
16) What kind of supplements?
17) Are you taking diet pills?
18) Are you on Jenny Craig/Weight Watchers etc..

And the list goes on and on and on

My answers are as follows:
1) I am paying attention to what I eat. 
2) I use common sense.  For example: I know cheeseburgers have a lot of calories, so I do what I can to eliminate the calories without sacrificing the cheeseburger itself.  Second example : Those 2 for a $1 Fried pies by little Debbie are loaded with calories.  One of my co-workers made a comment as she picked up several "I'll get a couple of these to snack on tonight they're not too fattening."  I asked her if she was serious about dropping a few pounds, she said yes, so I asked her to read the calorie label on the box to me.  "Four Hundred OH MY GOD! Four hundred fifty! In that little thing!"  She promptly put them all back.  "I don't care how cheap they are, they aren't worth it!"  I apologized for ruining her snackage to which she replied "NO, no no, I want you to do stuff like that for me.  I didn't realize . . . I wasn't paying attention . . .450 calories in that thing . . . good grief!"
3) How much does it take for you to feel satisfied?  I'm not the food police.  I don't want to tell you how much to eat.  Another co-worker thought he had the answer "I know how to do this, I want to try one of each dessert so I'll only eat a little of each."  True he wasn't consuming as many calories, but, as I pointed out "I still adds up."   A lot of us are moms, or cooks, or both, so we do a lot of stealth eating.  You know finishing off what the kids didn't eat, 'taste testing' whatever we're preparing.  There are calories consumed in everything that crosses your lips (not counting zero calorie drinks.)
4) I don't have set times to eat.  I eat in the mornings, afternoons and evenings.  Whenever I feel hungry.  The 'don't eat after 6' rule doesn't apply in our home because I work until 9 pm sometimes and the hubby doesn't come home until 8 pm sometimes.  so I don't have a hard fast set time to eat.
5) Not really counting calories.  I try to keep in mind that the better I like something the more calories it has in it so I'd better be careful!
6) no.  I use items from each that I like but I don't adhere to any one diet program over another.  It's mine.
7) Nope.  Too much trouble.
8) I do, no particular set in stone routine.  I prefer Pilates and walking with a little bit of jogging, but nothing too taxing.  Just enough o keep a decent tone.  I'll never look like a Sports Illustrated Swim Suit model.
9) Pilates, a little yoga, walking, jogging, some resistance band and stability ball.  sounds like a lot, but usually less than 20 minutes a day.  Jogging/walking takes longer, but it's a pleasant distraction.
10) Less than 20 minutes sometimes every day  sometimes every other day.
11) Nope. They're expensive and I dont' have money and I prefer to think for myself.
12) Nope for the same reasons above, and I dont' want anyone else to see me making an idiot of myself (refer to previous posts where I've lost my pants etc...)
13) No.
14) I eat a lot of fruits and veggies, but I'm not a vegetarian because I also eat a lot of lean cuts of all types of meat.
15) Yes.
16) Refer to my 2nd or 3rd post.  I take a lot of supplements.
17) No.
18) No.  Those are tremendously expensive programs.  You can do what they do on your own with some willingness to re-learn what you already know.

And God gave you the good sense to know what is right and wrong for your body.  Remember Daniel and his friends who refuse to eat the rich foods the king ordered them to eat? 

I'm disturbed by the sheer number of people who are hungry for the knowledge they have locked inside their own heads and not just on lifestyle changes or that bad word 'diet'.  Just plain common sense.  Why do you need someone to tell you what to do?  Have you buried your talents instead of using them?  I understand people want leadership.  I'm not a leader.  You want to follow an example? Pick up your Bible.  Your leader is God and he is willing to show you the way. I'm just a tool he is using.  I try to adhere to what the people in the Bible ate, nuts, berries, poultry, fish (and loaves I dont' recall butter being mentioned anywhere but I do recall oil and meal being mentioned in the Bible), vegetables, whole grains, fruit, fatted calves!.  Jesus didn't break a rib eye and tell his disciples to feed his sheep an Angus steak with a giant loaded baked potato, buttery garlic cheese toast, and chocolate pecan pie.  He broke bread. They drank wine, not Pepsi.  They drank WATER, not a Margarita. Okay, okay I can't stand water, but I don like LifeWater!

Ask yourself what it is you're truly after. 

Why do you need someone else to lead you where you should already know your way?

If it's just another lose weight fast scheme, I'm not your gal.  If it's a slow not so very methodical program, I might be your gal.  If you're hungry for something a bit meatier, more soul deep and satisfying, God is waiting on you to ask him.  He's more than willing to show you the way. Ask. Open your Bible.  Then listen quietly as you read.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Product Plug and next size down

I'm always looking for new, less caloric products that have a healthy twist to them.  This week's new product is Maranatha All Natural Dark Chocolate Almond spread.  While it has a lot of calories, 180 in 2 tablespoons, it also packs 4 grams of protein, a whopping 6% iron, and 2 grams protein.  I don't use the entire 2 tablespoons of spread because that is a lot of product on 1 piece of bread. 

I know some of you are fans of Nutella, I love the stuff too, however, Almonds are better for you and so is the dark chocolate.

In other news, Keith has lost NINE pounds since he started following my diet.  I've lost 2.  sucks huh?  However, women do lose more slowly than men and he's just now getting started so he will lose a lot for a while then hit the lovely plateau like we all do.  When you hit that plateau it's sink or swim.  Time to change up something in your routine that will kick start the weight loss again.

I am rock solidly into size 14, the 12's are teasing me but I can get into them and fasten them, funny thing is that I like to breathe, funny how that works...  Would you believe size large in shirts are now getting entirely too big on me?  I can pick up a large and say "Oh my, that's too big."  I never thought I'd be saying that again.  Ditto size 16 pants, if you were to tug unaggressively on my work pants (because I hate to have to pay full price for them at this point when I know I'll be out of them in a few weeks) the pants will fall off.  Wouldn't that just be something no one wanted to see?

Yesterday I got a 2 hour lunch break so I took myself for a walk at Athens Regional Park.  Oh my, they have great, safe feeling walking trail. I think there is another trail somewhere around there, but I was on the one over next to the Pavilion and it was very nice.  It was hot, but I hate walking in the cold anyway. 

Measurements coming up the first weekend in October. 

Hopefully, I'm going to be face painting again this year for KMart's Halloween carnival.  If so, then once again I'll be dressed as a witch.  With a twist. I plan on being a more modern witch in a black Gothic bell sleeved blouse, black leather (yes, leather) pants and heeled boots. (Piper/Prue Halliwell eat your heart out sister!) Of course I'll still have my witch's hat and my magic wand (make up brushes lol!)  You can't be a witch without those!  I traded my broom in for a  Mercedes then accidentally turned it into an old Toyota Camry.  Never did figure out how to reverse that spell, hmmmm.

Anyway, back to the leather pants, after working like I have to lose the weight I deserve a pair of nicely fitted leather pants.  I give anyone and everyone reading this blog permission to shop for smaller sizes as needed.  The lady at Cato's told me to stop shopping like I'm still overweight.  If I can't wear a size because it's too big it's time to graduate down a size or 2 or 3, so why oh why can't I convince myself to buy smaller work pants, oh, right, money issues. 

She told me to get used to wearing clothes that fit, that aren't loose on me because I'm not hiding huge bulges, (actually looking like I'm wearing a tent) I'm now showing off curves (even if some of them still curve the wrong way!) And she's right.  I worked for it.  I look funny in my pants, or maybe I just look funny, who knows. So maybe, I'll shop for some proper fitting pants.  It'll give me a new goal, get out of them in favor of the next size down.

Make that your goal.  Next size smaller.  And keep it your goal until you reach that next size down, then reset the goal for ..  .the next size down.  This is my 'And then what' moment, next size down and should be yours as well. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Let's put it all together

My blog looks like jibberish intermingled with pity party rants and I don't like it one bit.

So let's start over a little bit.

Decide why do you want to lose weight? 

For me, I'm now 41.  I'm out of time for ignoring my health.  It's literally a do or die point beyond 41.

What is the trigger behind this decision?  Other than my age.
My parents are both very overweight.
My parents are both diabetic.
I was told I was only third rate.
I was also told that I used to be cute when I was younger and weighed less.

My decision was based on all of the above.  I can't do anything about being older.  But I can do something about my weight and my appearance so I am proving that I can weigh much much less and that I am not 3rd rate if any of the reactions from friends who haven't seen me in a while and from co-workers who are suddenly paying attention is anything to go by.

Now that you have your reason and your trigger, make your plan.  What are you going to do to lose weight?
You know how I feel about switching to diet drinks.  That really doesn't do anything for you.
Plan your meals. 

Plan ahead if you know you're not going to have time to cook, know which restaurants offer better food choices, if you end up eating pizza, choose thin crust with cheese, if you're going to end up with a hamburger make it lettuce tomato pickle only and toss the bun. 

Educate yourself on the foods you consume.  Google specific foods like this How many calories does Arby's fries have in them  or How MN calories are in an avocado.  You'll be shocked.

Watch sugar and sodium counts.

Avoid high fructose corn syrup.

What else?  Do you want to just lose weight or do you want to look good too?  Get an exercise routine to tighten and tone.  We're older folks here so it's going to take a while longer and a little bit more effort but it IS do-able.

For gorgeous abs, back, and glutes, Pilates is your best bet.  go with Suzanne Deason or Mari Winsor, I use both..  Get a stability ball, 2 lb soft weights, and a couple of resistance bands to tighten and strengthen your arms (you know those bat wings hanging off where your biceps are supposed to be, right???) and work on tightening your thighs.  Get a good pair of those rocking shoes, doesn't matter which name brand you get as long as it drops your heel lower than your toes, this is how it helps firm your calves and backside and improves your posture. Wear them Daily.  I'm usually out on the walking trail in mine in the evenings or early morning, sometimes both..  If you're wearing the shoes daily and exercising, get this, 10 minutes a day every other day, not even consecutive every other days, say Monday, Tuesday, Saturday one week then sunday, Wednesday and Thursday, you will start toning up, losing the inches, and dropping a few pounds just because you're off your backside.

What about your skin?  does it look tired and overall yuck?  Microdermabrasion (you can buy the stuff to do it at home) works wonders.  Moisturizer  for your face and throat to make those fine lines and wrinkles diminish.  Exfoliating scrub once a week on the rest of your body  followed by baby oil all over except your feet.  At night, after your shower or bath rub a thin layer of vaseline all over your feet then wear thin cotton socks over them to do 2 things 1) keep the moisture on your feet/skin 2)keep you from breaking your neck from walking on your slicked up feet.

What is your plan after you reach your goal?   Keeping the weight off is a good plan, but how will you do it? What else is there to do after you reach your target weight?  You have to have a reason to keep going, not necessarily to lose more weight but to maintain and always reach for something more. something better.  What do you hope to attain by losing your weight? Health? Looking hot regardless of how old you are?  I intend to be the best looking old bat in the nursing home some day lol! Take a look around there are some stunning older women nowadays and they've done it without cosmetic surgery, and you know, even if they have had a little nip and tuck here and there, more power to them gives the young girls something to worry about.  Gramma looks better than I do!  lol!

Monday, September 13, 2010

I need your help

See that little Ecosystem thing over n the right hand side of this blog?  It says I'm an "insignificant microbe" in the blogosphere.

If you like what you read, click on follow me. 
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If you like what you read suggest me to your friends.

I don't like being insignificant.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Refrigerator/Pantry Must Haves

Fairly new/updated shopping list for  those of you who want to know what I eat. It isn't everything, but it's something you can look at and say Hey!  I can make all kinds of good, healthy things with this shopping list.

In my pantry

Honey (the darker the better)
DARK Chocolate
Water Packed Tuna
Water Packed Sardines
Unbleached whole wheat flour
Spicy Mustard
coarse sea salt
Olive Oil (first cold pressed)
Cooking Sherry, White Wine, Marsala Wine, Burgundy Wine
Near East Couscous and Taboule
Pepperidge Farms 15 Grain whole wheat bread
Old Fashioned Oatmeal
Jumbo Black Olives (rinsed)
Chopped RAW Almonds and Walnuts
Water Chestnuts packed in water
Natural PNut Butter (low or no sugar processed with flaxseed oil)
Raisens (watch the sugar content)
Dried Cranberries (watch the sugar content)
Panko Bread Crumbs
Canned Salmon (packed in water)
Spaghetti Sauces
Spaghetti Noodles ( I don't normally eat spaghetti but my kids eat it by the ton)
Sugar free applesauce
Sliced and Chunked Pineapple in its own juice no sugar added or splenda packed stuff please.
Sugar Free orange marmalade
Balsamic Vinegar
Pita Chips
Salt Free Pretzels
Jello (not sugar free...ick!)
PLAIN Brown Rice not the mixes they contain tons of salt!

In my refrigerator/freezer

Unsalted Butter (butter isn't bad for you when used in moderation)
Minced garlic (in water or olive oil)
Minced Fire Roasted Garlic (in water or olive oil)
Fire Roasted Sundried tomatoes
Chicken Breast
Boneless Pork Chops
Ground Turkey
Ground Beef 97% lean
Salmon Filets
Frozen Cheese Ravioli (toss with grapola, parsley, a little sea salt to your taste, and garlic YUMMY!)
Frozen Pizza (whole wheat crust)
Frozen peas and other veggies like corn, carrots, broccoli etc
Sliced honey ham
Fat Free Turkey Dogs
Hard Cheeses (Cheddar, Colby, Monterrey Jack, Mozzarella, Colby Jack, Pepper Jack)
SoBe Zero Calorie Lifewater in Black and Blueberry, Strawberry Dragon Fruit, and Fuji Apple Pear flavors
Carrot Juice for days I want a smoothie
Frozen Blueberries and Strawberries for the same reason I have carrot juice
Ground Flaxseed ( it goes rancid very quickly if left out after opening)
Flaxseed oil (it goes rancid if left out after opening)
Wheat Bran
Wheat Germ
Lowfat Milk
Milo's Sweet Tea  (not the splenda sweetened stuff, you know how I feel about Splenda  ick!)
Organic, free range, non hormone, brown eggs
Low Pulp, low sugar, orange juice
Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice
Herbed Feta Cheese (tomato/basil and garlic)
Low Fat Feta Cheese
Mini-babybel cheese
Baby Carrots
Low fat ranch dressing
Mixed Organic Baby Greens
Sweet Bell Peppers
Sangria (at least once a month)
Red Wine (occasionally)
White Wine (rarely, but it has surfaced in my fridge a time or two )
Lipton's Vanilla Tea (sweeten with honey ohhhhhh gooood!)

On My counter

Bananas ( despise them, but the hubby will eat them)

And there you have it.  Stuff I keep around the house, not all that much different from what you keep, except for maybe a few items.  It's what you do with the stuff that counts.  You don't see any canned veggies do you?  The canning process saps vegetables of their nutrients and they're full of salt. Fresh frozen veggies are much better for you. 

Try this

Place a thawed chicken breast on a square of aluminum foil big enough to wrap the chicken in.  Sprinkle it with Rosemary and 1 tbsp sherry.  Wrap the chicken tightly then bake it at 375 for 45 minutes. Serve with a side of brown rice and carrots.  MMmmmmm good!

Take a Boneless Pork Sirloin/Chop place on a square of aluminum foil big enough to wrap it in, spread with 1 tbsp orange marmalade, wrap it tightly, place in oven at 375 for 30 minutes ( or longer depending on its thickness) serve with a side of Parmesan couscous and some peas.

Toss a tsp of ground flaxseed into everything possible.  Use GrapeOla in place of cooking oil.  Use balsamic vinegar and flaxseed oil with parsely for a fast healthy vinaigrette.   It's good for you!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Carbs make me sleepy

I've joked that I must be solar powered because after the last 11 years of my life not spent outdoors I felt run down, tired, moody, depressed, and became outright anemic (there's a connection between mood, iron levels, weight and sunshine) My post on Thursday reflects my not being outside for a couple of days, I'm a much happier person now. The second half of Friday was very warm and sunny so I curled up on the deck on a lounge chair and sunned myself ahhhhhhhhhhhh energy restored. I'm in so much trouble when the weather gets too cool for sun soaking!

I spent the first half of today in the pouring rain at Fort Loudon's Trade Faire.  I wasn't terribly happy about that, but fortunately it was warm  the second half of the afternoon was actually sunny and pleasant and the muddiness dried up quickly.  I managed to soak up more rays when I got home.  I was fully energized!

Then disaster struck.  I cooked spaghetti, garlic bread, and chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting.  Bad bad bad move! I ate less than a cup of spaghetti and a small piece of cake and a 2 inch square of garlic bread with  a salad, but it wasn't enough to offset the damage the carbs did.

Carbs make me sleepy.  So much so that I actually have to lie down and take a nap or I'll fall over (almost literally). 


This is the best article I've found on the subject.  Brain Feed

Apparently carbs increase seratonin levels which help you relax, thus the sleepy feeling.  The heavier laden with carbs your meal is, the sleepier you become.  Think how heavy Thanksgiving dinner is, potatoes, dressing, pies, cakes, rolls (bad carbs)...and how sleepy you become afterwards.  This doesnt' mean cut out carbs entirely, just be more choosy about when you consume them and what you consume them with.  Pepperidge Farms makes a fantastic 15 grain whole wheat bread with no high fructose corn syrup, 4 gs of fiber in each slice, 100 calories in each slice, yeah, a bit high in calories, just eat 1 slice with some natural pnut butter on it or hard cheese like colby jack or cheddar.  The harder the cheese the less processed goop in it as fillers..  Look at the labels on PNut butter for sugar and sodium counts, pick the one with the lowest counts.  I don't so much look at calories as I do sodium and sugar.  I also look for that evil culprit named high fructose corn syrup (hfcs).  If it'slised in the ingredients, I put the item back on the grocer's shelf and move on.  I know it's hard to find products that don't have hfcs in it, and sometimes you have to settle, I try not to settle until I've exhausted all other possibilities.

The bad carb (white bread, cakes, cookies,chips, pasta, soda) also induce a spike in blood sugar levels and thus fat storage.

Now that my sleepy after eating carbs mystery is solved, what carbs can I eat that won't make me sleepy?

Cherry tomatoes(also tend to be a bit higher in fiber than regular tomatoes), guacamole, hummus, avocado, RAW almonds, honey, cucumbers, peppers, really any fruit or veggie in it's natural (uncooked ) state, except potatoes,  brown /wild rice, whole wheat bread (not white) and dark balsamic vinegar.

On a side note, a lot of people I know start a diet by switching to diet drinks. Diet drinks are just as bad for you as the real thing because they are chock full of sodium.  The 'artificial' sweetener in them induces hunger because your body craves the real thing, real sugar, you might as well continue drinking the sugary drink and cut calories elsewhere.  Aspartame, almost always included in the diet drink, has been proven to cause cancer so while you're dropping your caloric intake here, even if you do start eating like a hog and blame it on lack of self control, you're possibly setting yourself up for an even longer harder battle down the road with cancer.  Remember, we don't do the blame game here.  We are our own worst enemies.

Your best bet is to go to a low/good carb diet full of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, limited dairy, whole grains, and get plenty of sunshine and exercise.  You can still enjoy sugary treats in moderation. Self control isn't learned over night.  It takes time, commitment, honesty, and courage to get back up, wipe those crumbs off your lips, and get going.  I have chocolate cake crumbs on my lips, or I did have, and I paid for it today with a long long long nap and the scale will probably reflect it in the morning.

That just means I have to back up, look at what I did wrong, correct myself, and move on.  No beating yourself up allowed either.  You made the mistake, own it, get over it.  I made it, I own it, I'm over it.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

On The Bandwagon, sort of

Running on Monday.  Pilates/Stability Ball tuesday and Wednesday, nada tonight unless I decide to pull the ball out.

Still holding at 208.4
Hubby joined me on the weight loss band wagon and weighs in at 273.8

My measurements are currently

Neck 15.5
Biceps  14 (woot muscle!)
Wrist 6
Bust 40
Waist 36
Hips 47
Thigh 27
Calf 17 (more muscle!)

Someone needs to make me mad enough to lose the remaining 60 pounds of fat I need to drop.  I've been told I'm looking great, hot, fantastic, but I certainly don't feel it.  I feel fat and bloated and ugly.  grrrrrr.

I'm in a funk.  I admit it.  Absolutely no motivation to do anymore than I've already done. 

Anyway, delicious recipe alert!

Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe

Makes one 9" x 13" single-layer cake


3 cups unbleached whole wheat flour
1 3/4 cups unrefined organic cane sugar
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder or carob powder
1 tsp. salt
2 tsp. baking soda
1 3/4 cups cold coffee (or room temperature) can substitute water in place of coffee
3/4 cups grapeola or olive oil
1/4 cup maple syrup (optional)
2 tsp. white distilled vinegar
2 tsp. vanilla extract
2 tbsp ground flax seed


1. Preheat the oven to 350 F. Lightly oil a 9"x13" cake pan or casserole dish and set aside.

2. In a large mixing bowl, sift together the flour, sugar, cocoa powder, salt and baking soda. In another small mixing bowl, whisk together coffee, canola oil, maple syrup, vinegar and vanilla. Create a well in the center of the dry ingredients. Pour the wet ingredient into the well and fold into the dry ingredients, mixing until just combined. Pour into the prepared dish and bake for 30-40 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center emerges clean. Allow the cake to cool completely on a wire cooling rack.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Product Plug, Weight update, and setting a new goal

Since we've been rearranging the store, we have apparently acquired a new tea in the soda coolers by the front registers.  It is DELICIOUS!  It's called Honest Tea.  It has 40 calories per serving, 2 servings in a bottle, call it 80 and be done with it.  It's in a 16 oz bottle, manufacturers know people will drink the whole thing in one sitting probably...meh.  It's made with organic cane sugar, no high fructose stuff, full of antioxidants, and it's just barely sweet.  There's 4 flavors but, of course, I only prefer one of them.  Black Tea with honey.  The peach tea is GROSS!  I haven't tried the green tea or the pink on, I'm not sure what flavor that it but I don't like the pink color to it so I probably won't touch it.

Honest Tea

If you're following me on FaceBook then you already heard the news.  I can get into a size 12, buttoned zipped, able to breathe and move, but they're still rather tight.  Tight enough should a button come loose we'd find it in the next galaxy!

Now that that goal is down, the next goal is to make sure they're not so tight by the end of the month.  Being on my period and still getting them buttoned is a plus since I'll drop around 3-4 pounds of period weight  by the end of the week.

Getting rid of the ugly loose skin that is refusing to tighten up is proving to be quite the challenge.  I don't know how people do it without surgery because it's loose skin, not fat, not saggy muscles.  Fat and muscles are correctable, the loose skin, not so much. And if you were to put your fingers on my obliques or my lower back muscles you would find rock hard muscles, the six pack abs of your sides and back.  Press your fingers past the flabby ugly skin and you will find I have six pack abs, they're just buried under all that loose skin.and remaining 60 pounds of fat that I will have lost by this time next year just in time to run a marathon, which is also my next goal.

I'd almost bet if the loose skin would go away I'd be in a size 8.  Eight feels like a good goal for this time next year doesn't it?  I've been losing weight slow and steady (because that wins the race!) Since March of last year, but I didn't get really serious about it until August of last year.  I was so tired of telling the nurse weighing me to keep on moving that weight on the scale because I weighed a lot more than I looked.  I remember her gasping "that can't possibly be right!"  It was.  One year later I've dropped 51 pounds off my body, almost half my body fat.  I can' believe how much better I feel.  My husband commented that he hadn't really been able to tell I'd lost weight mostly because he saw me every day, but then he saw the side by side comparison on this website and was surprised.  Nice to know I can still surprise him every now and then.

A new LeAnn quote "I have a skinny girl inside me screaming to get out so I stuffed her mouth with cookies to keep her quiet."

Hope it's fiber added cookies, sweetie =)