Monday, October 11, 2010

Updates a.k.a Talking to hear my head roar.

Thought I would wait until this Sunday to put up new pics for a couple of reasons 1)I don't have any recent pics.  2)Saturday is Girls Night out and there will then be pics =) 

In the mean time
 My last Measurements are as follows               My Current Measurments

Neck 15.5                                                        15

Biceps 14 (woot muscle!)                                  14 (fat loss, more solid feeling, so muscle!)

Wrist 6                                                              6 (wondering why it was recommended I measure)

Bust 40                                                              36  WHOA! no wonder my bras dont' fit!  

Waist 36                                                             36  No change there doggone it!

Hips 47                                                                45.5 pants are a lot looser!

Thigh 27                                                                24  pants are a lot looser! lol!

Calf 17 (more muscle!)                                          17 no change.  No news is good news right?

Weight is at 205  grrr, I hate being stuck!    Time to change up the routine a bit I s'pose.

And on to other things.  Yes, I really do eat like this most of the time.  Tons of fruits and veggies. Nuts, berries, lean cuts of meats.  I crave them.  pasta and breads and potatoes make me soooo very tired and sleepy that I avoid them like the plague.  I don't get bored.  There are many variations of the same recipes that  won't force you to over indulge  There are numerous combinations of foods that work well together.  think about it.  What are you missing by substituting out spaghetti squash in place of spaghetti noodles?  The texture is a little bit different so I add extra oregano and garlic but you're loosing the carbs and the calories.  What are you missing by subbing out mashed cauliflower for mashed potatos?  You're getting more nutrients and less calories in the cauliflower. What are you missing by subbing Whole wheat non high fructose corn syrup bread slices in lieu of overly processed white bread?  The texture of the whole wheat bread is a bit heavier, it has the same calories but it packs more fiber. What are you missing y subbing out baked pita chips instead of potato chips? Tons of calories and less fat and less salt.  Make your own pita chips by carving up pita bread, brushing with grapeola a light sprinkling of sea salt or cinnamon and sugar put them in a 350 degree oven for about20 minutes or until they're crisp.  enjoy with hummus.

HEY!  What are you missing by subbing hummus for chip dip?  CALORIES!  And you get more fiber and less salt. 

I'm all about less salt.  It's a sneak attack.  Look at the diet foods labels.  Sure, they have less calories, less sugar less fat, but HOW MUCH SALT?  I nearly dropped a Healthy Choice Frozen Dinner last week when I saw it had 1150 mg of sodium or something along the lines of 52% of your daily recommended allowance of salt.  In that one meal.  And they had the nerve to call it a Healthy Choice?  Lean Cuisine was just as guilty in their dishonesty about their dinners being a better, but more expensive, choice than the Banquet spaghetti and meatballs dinner sharing the same freeezer for 88 cents with only 25% of your daily allowance of salt.  Disgusting isn't it?


My husband made an interesting observation about the magazine covers I pointed out a while back.  If only everyone did exactly as those magazines said, no one would ever be sick, depressed, or fat again.  Boy isn't that the truth.  The experts know no more than the common person.  you have in your head an ingrained knowledge of what is and isn't good for you.  It's what you do with that knowledge that sets you apart from everyone else. I just decided it was time and there was no going back. 

I walked through the nursing home and saw people in all kinds of conditions.  I can't do anything about aging.  I can't do a lot about what might ail me as I grow older in terms of parkinson's, alzheimer's, and other forms of dementia.  I might not be able to prevent a heart attack or stroke from happening to me, but I can do more for me now so that on down the road I won't weigh 500 pounds and be dependent on someone to do everything for me and be afraid I might hurt them if they try to lift me or if i fall on them.  I don't have to be overweight.

Losing weight doesn't mean not enjoying food, I do enjoy food.  I'm just picky about it.  I can't afford to not be picky about it.

I have arthritis in my hips and knees and ankles.  It hurts like...there's no worrds to describe that hurt.  But as I've lost weight, the pain has lessened, m joints don't have as heavy a burden to support.  And I like not hurting, enjoyit as a matter of fact.  My heel spurs dont' bother me much anymore nor does the plantar's fasciitis. (muscle strain in my feet)  I can actually get away with wearing those cheap cute shoes with no arch support. Well, for a little while I can.

I got out in the sun today and soaked up a bit too much as my face (specifically my cheeks and bridge of my nose) are a tad on the red side.  Hopefully that will soothe on out by tomorrow.
I can feel my muscles under the remaining fat on my arms.  That's something I haven't done in a long long time. Oh and I can barely see my collar bones now. Yeah yeah, Weird, I know.  I just never realized that I was so fat my muscles and bones were hidden.  Kind of a disgusting thought huh?

I'm on day 7 of the Pilates 30 day challenge. I needed a break for a couple of days.

Anything else?  Ask.

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