Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Clothes are falling off

I wish I could say I'd lost weight and or inches, but neither is true at the moment.  My clothes are still trying to fall off, so that's a good sign right?

The past two weeks I've backslid into the world of processed foods because they're more convenient and less expensive.  Bad Bad Bad Melissa.

So what am I going to do different this time? I was sick as a dog last night but still managed a few minutes on the recumbent bike so that's a start. Get back on my routine of veggies and little to no meats and make use of my new exercise mat and weights. WOOT!

I've discovered whole wheat tortillas, still not the best, but they make great chips when cut up into wedges, baked in the oven at 425 for a few minutes until they're crispy.  Have half a tortilla, 1 tablespon hummus of your choice and you have a yummy treat, or in my case, lunch on the run.  Couple it with a 8 oz cup of V-8 Fusion, I like Acai Mixed Berry and you've done yourself a nice deed for the afternoon.

V-Fusions are going to be my new go to drink.  Therefore my new (to me) product of the week.  1/2 serving of fruit 1/2 serving of veggies per 8 oz glassful. 110 calories.  Minimal amounts of vitamins and minerals so they're not too shabby a drink while trying to shed pounds.  There is a light version of these drinks, but I'll tell you now, they taste AWFUL!

Ten minutes of biking tonight because it's 17 degrees outside with about 6 inches of snow on the ground and I have no intentions of walking or running in that mess!  Why ten minutes?  Why not longer?  My knees HURT!  I'm slowly building up to do more.  Once upon a time I couldn't even do ten minutes.  It's baby steps I tell you.

I'll have unearthed my car and have my weights out of it in the morning so add in some resistance training and restarting pilates in the morning too.  At the end of the month I will be under 200 pounds and at least one size smaller pants. WOOT!

Now, about that contest everyone says they want to enter but haven't.  There is no deadline as I have people discovering my blog all the time, but I have to have proof of your blog and some measurements to determine who wins in June.  I'm not allowed to compete to win, but I am your competition/coach anyway.

To enter;
Sign up for a blog.
Give me your Blog's address so I can follow your journey to your new you.
On your main page, I need a current picture of you, your waist measurement and your goal.
Update weekly
Update your measurements monthly: Weight and waist only
One June 30th we'll have an independent person look at each blog and said person will pick the person who has lost the most weight.  I'm not allowed to win since I'm sponsoring the contest.  I'll probably ask one of the beach body coaches who read the blog to be the judge.  Heck, maybe we'll get them all to vote on it =)

The prize?  A $50 gift certificate to the spa of your choice. (changed it didn't I muahahahaha!)
There will likely be other prizes along the way =)

So c'mon girls, and guys, sign up and let the battle of the bulge begin!

Here.  I'll go first by posting a god awful picture of my previously fat self.  Leann!  Why did you let me go out looking like this????????????  Wait!  I don't think I knew you when this was made lol!

My husband says he doesn't ever remember me being this big.  I do.

I am 5ft 7
41 years old
Currently I weigh 206 (yes I gained a few pounds by being lazy. I'm working on fixing my laziness)
In the picture above I am 30 and weighed probably (guessing)  at least 270 if not more.  It looks like my thigh is thicker than Grant's then 4-5 year old body.  That's Caleb in my arms hanging on for dear life lol!.

My current waist size is 37.5 inches.  

Okay ladies.  Ante up.  I have far worse pictures and I'm slowly gaining the courage to show what I had become over the last decade.  No more.  I will be a fit and fabulous 40 something.  I challenge you to join me. 

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