Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Where are the pics?

They're hiding, terrified to let anyone see how bad they were.  Eeeesh!  Just goes to show no matter how much weight you lose, the closer to 200 pounds you are the worse the picture is.  We'll try it again in 2 weeks because I have to have my 'after/in progress' pics' ready for AOL by then.

Running is fast becoming my exercise of choice.  Love it! Stability ball second, Pilates 3rd. 

I put medium  auburn back in my hair, not a good idea. I've used the color several several times before and got rave reviews, this time....I'm not happy.  I'm going back to medium ash brown.

I'm in love with Maybelline Rewind makeup, especially the primer.  My face face feels smooth as silk and the makeup looks like a professional artist applied it.  Can't say the same for my hair.  I just haven't been happy since I moved to Tellico.  I miss Star Makers!

I seriously need to go clothing shopping. I hate panties that crawl.  When they're now too big for you, they crawl big time, bunch up in the most uncomfortable of places, and make huge pantylines so your pants look like they're too tight when they're not. 

And cup size is still pretty much the same, but I had to downsize from a 42 to a 38 because at the tightest point they were so loose that they would twist around whileI was moving.  Nothing like having to stop, put your bra back in place then continue where you left off.

My favorite shoes are now too big.  TOO BIG!  Who'd a thunk losing weight would make your feet shrink?  But that's okay.  I can wear real boots now, not those ankly high deals because my calves are so big they won't be stuffed into knee high boots.  I'm in love with so many styles I feel a serious shoe fetish coming on in the next year.

Size 14 pant!  Woot!  Not a 14w either, just a regular 14.  I hate most pants though.  the waist gaps, even the no gap waists gap.  What's up with that?

I'm struggling with shirt sizes.  I'm somewhere between a XL, L, and Medium.  Shirts have become a serious WTH! issue with me.

I'm still afraid of dresses because of the big turkey butt looking stomach still in the way.  Man if that big hunk of skin would go away I'd be in a 10 or 8.  The only thing to take it off is cardio.  The first place you gain is the last place you lose so that means I'm going to have a big tummy and butt for a while longer because cardio is a big problem due to lack of resources. Only one short trail in Tellico.  The trail in Madisonville is overrun with pervs there to view the kiddies on the playground, pets aren't allowed (means big dawg has to stay home) and I'm so not going there alone.  I don't have room for a treadmill.  I do have a recumbent bike.

The other thing that will take it off is surgery and I don't have the money for that, unless someone wants to be generous and toss several thousand dollars in my direction?  Huh? Any takers? No?  didn't think so  =(

I've been shopping modest bikinis, yes, there is such a thing.  I cringe.  They're rather ugly but I also don't want to show off a bunch of skin, especially the flappy boobs that are a result of pregnancy, breast feeding, age, and weight loss, unless someone is going to....nevermind...I already know the answer to that.

How do people afford surgery?  honestly.  I know young adults who've gone under the knife and they don't have any more money than I do.  What gives?

Anyway, pics will be up by the 28th.  Because they have to be lol!

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