Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I'm still having issues with carb induced comatose like states.  Once upon a time it was just starchy stuff that did me in.  Now it's pretty much anything I eat that isn't a leafy vegetable, egg, cheese, or meat.  Sweet anything makes me almost drunk.  What on earth?????

I love being able to pick up a piece of clothing and just tell by the way it feels it's too big before I ever even look at the size.

I love that all my pants are getting entirley too big.  The hubby thinks it's hilarious that I can't keep my panties on and it isnt' because of anything he's up too either.  The ride up  or down but they certainly no longer stay in place.  Same goes for my bra.

I'm a auburn headed lady once again.  The brassy orange blonde went away FINALLY!

I'll post measurements in the next day or so, but interestingly enough they havent' changed all that much.

I'm waiting on some Shakeology samples.  I hear a lot about the product so I've decided to give it a try.  I'm also interested in P90x but not enough so to invest about $300 in it.  Same for the body wraps.

Weight and appearance have become an obsession for me and in a way that disturbs me, but then again not really.  I should have been paying attention all along.

It's sad that a verbal bitch slap is what it takes to wake some people up.

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