Monday, November 21, 2011

A very disgusting post

If you are a guy, this is a female menses post, it is graphic, do not read if you are squeamish in any way shape or form.  If you're still reading at this point you have been warned.

I should have known what was wrong a long time ago. But being the stubborn, most famous 'in denial' person I know, I wouldn't allow my self to think it let alone admit it.  In letting my tight regimen of supplements, healthy foods no matter what they cost, and exercise routines slip by the wayside, I had let the devil in the front door.

Last week he took full possesssion (no not the head turning  vomit spewing type of possession).  My body went into full melt down mode and I landed in the hospital with a falling hematacrit score, blood running  unchecked from my (unknowingly) diseased uterus, and the headache/headcold from hell to boot.

I spent two and a half days in the hospital on IV to keep my body pumped full of fluid, received 1 transfusion, and a D&C.  And I still had the headache from hell, turns out I'm sensitive to the antibiotics I was given plus the side effects of the antibiotics was...guess what....headache.

I kept going over and over in my head, between  he skull splitting throbs,  how did I get into this shape?  My period had been light, and utterly predictable.  My new gynecologist had the answer.  My body hadn't been getting the signal to release my uterine lining so what i got was a light regular period and a huge build up of lining until it couldn't hold any more resulting in bleeds/spotting which became worse the longer I was on my feet, then it started shedding some of the excess lining which occurred every single time I moved.  Not small pieces either, CHUNKS, great big fist sized CHUNKS.

I bleed through 40 Always Infinity overnight pads in less than 24 hours.  Tampons?  Forget it, they just came right back out.

I was half asleep (more like unconscious) when the gynecologist on call came in to have a look at me.  A couple of hours later I awakened in recovery with the news that I had multiple HUGE fibroids, she had removed a huge amount of uterine lining and that she was shocked I hadn't had more problems than I had.

I accredit that to trying to live a healthy lifestyle but I forgot that at my age I have to be ever vigile.  I'm no spring chicken.  My female family history isn't stellar in regards to vaginal/uterine health and I should have been paying better attention.

That said, my next step is one of 3 choices, fibroid embolization, uterine ablation, or hysterectomy.  I 'd prefer to go in that order.  Hormone therapy/birth control is off the table as the side effects can be as bad as the problem itself.

I came away tired, bloated (to the tune of 20 pounds TWENTY!) my feet didn't even fit into the shoes I'd worn into the hospital, eesh! and ready to tackle the problem head on.  I'm just not sure of the approach and I don't like uncertainty.  I know as many people happy that they'd had a hysterectomy as those who regret the decision.  As much as I regret the decision to have my tubes tied, I'm thinking the later 2 of the three choices will only worsen the regret.

Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving,  is decision day and I hope I make the right one.


  1. I am really sorry you are going through this. Men have no idea what us women have to deal with and you are taking everything in stride and being very strong about it. You still have the road to recovery ahead of you and I am sure everything will work out and you'll get yourself right back on track because you are healthy and in shape. Best of luck to you!

  2. Katie Jaye, I have no idea who you are, but I love you anyway.

  3. Being over 40 has some definite disadvantages. Most of which, for me anyway, are hormone related. I hope you find the path that gets you where you want to be in a quick and smooth fashion.

    I like your new simple layout. :-)