Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wheee! Here I am!

I bet you wonder where I've  been.  Still not recovering as well as I'd hoped to be from my not so fun health crisis last November, then an attack of (suspect) Trigeminal Neuralgia, talk about brain splitting pain, omg just kill me now,  followed by a massive tooth/gum infection resulting in a root canal, that's where.  I gained 25 pounds then lost 20,so there lol!

My measurements are in the basement again, but that's only because I've not been working out at all until the last week or so. My eyes are on a 5k run this fall for Susan G Komen, fitting since I have several friends and family members who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. I've got to run again, it's in my blood shin splints, heel spurs, and all.

I've had plenty of time to read and reflect on what I'm trying to do here and in my life.  I want to coach people, help them find their perfect healthy lifestyle because there is no one size fits all diet.  People are unique so they have to have a tailor fit diet to meet their needs and lifestyle.  I want to teach others to be self sufficient, take care of themselves and their families, and not be so dependent.

Have you seen the new food pyramid now calling itself 'myplate'? See what I mean? It's a one size fits all politically motivated scheme designed to try to make everyone fit into one mold, be dependant on the government to tell them how to eat and I don't like it one bit.

I searched around and found a school that shares my belief, Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).  I've seen a lot of good information on the program and a lot of bad so I'm hesitant.  I like what I see in their brochures and a book I downloaded, but....there's still that little voice that asks what if you're wrong? Am I just trading on the 'myplate' scheme too?  I would hope not.  Just because I like to eat sushi doesn't mean all of my blog followers , right? I'm not sure where sushi would fit on that diagram anyway lol!


I want to become a certified Pilates instructor in matwork and Rhthym Pilates, but that little voice says 'you're too old and still a bit too fat for that too."
The same for the desire to study alternative therapy like aromatherapy, reikei, herbology, angelology(just because I'm amused that there is such a thing) acupuncture, and massage therapy.

Why all of that?

I want to open a practice that teaches people how to eat better, take care of themselves instead of relying the a doctor and a magic pill to take care of them,  make a custom fit lifestyle that they can live with for the rest of their lives.  I want to be able to help people relax without pills but that damned little negative voice is freaking annoying!

I want to dabble with body wraps and infrared saunas too just because they intrigue me as well.

SHUT UP annoying negative voice, eesh! lol!

I've even named my pracite RE: New U

So what is in my way besides a bit of fear?  Money.  I can't borrow it because I made some really bad mistakes in handling money in my younger more foolish years and my credit is shaky at best.  Since IIN isn't a federal program they don't take federal money ie: pell grants or student loans so all I 've got right now are some really big dreams.

In the meantime I set goals for myself.  I'm out of 14s and back in 16s.  I refuse to gain any more weight.  My goal is a 12 by the end of summer. Fortunately the 16s are getting a bit big on me.


I signed up on Pilates Anytime so I can take all kinds of Pilates classes on demand over the internet and have found a program in Knoxville that certifies Pilates instructors in matwork.  I can take a Rhthym Pilates certification course online after I get the matwork certification.  So it's baby steps.
Found an awesome bread substitute for my carb addicts out there.  Ezekiel 4:9 bread is pure plant protein bread.  No eggs.  No dairy. No flour. Gluten Free. No sugar. No oil. It does have to stay in your fridge because it has  no preservatives, but it looks like bread, it tastes like bread only with a little more texture, it's low on the glycemic scale, and if you don't tell your family they won't notice the difference.  It is a bit on the pricey side, but then so is a heart attack etc.

There are several manufacturers of this type 'bread', I've only tried Ezekiel 4:9 at this point so I think I'll stick with it for a while.

And what know you?  It took manufacturers long enought o jump on the grapeseed oil bandwagon!  Pompeiian now makes grape seed oil for cooking as do a couple of other companies, look at the ingredient label carefully when you buy to make sure it doesn't have added 'other oils' like vegetable oil or peanut oil.  The liquid in the bottle should have a clear greenish tint to it.
I found Pompeiian Grapeseed oil at WalMart and Kroger but it's a smaller bottle than the Grapeola brand.   I found GrapeOla brand at Kroger and Bi-Lo.  Kroger had some kind of grapeseed oil in a much smaller gourmet 'tin' at a huge gourmet price so I didn't pay much attention to it. I think I'll have a less severe heart attack by avoiding that gourmet price while going for the WalMart Pompeiian price lol!

That's my update for now.  Everyone please have a happy healthy Wednesday!

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