Monday, May 27, 2013

Oh YES! IT WORKS! The Body Wrap Company that is.

Results from the body wrap from IT Works 

Before: 1 inch above belly button 39 After 37
At belly button before 42 After 38
1 inch below belly button 49 After 45 

A total of TEN inches off just by using that one body wrap. I was shocked. I want to wrap my whole body in it for a week! That was on Monday. Four days later the measurements haven't changed all that much. My weight did not change but then it wasn't supposed to. My poor stretch marked skin where the wrap was placed is much smoother looking, the dark brown patches/scars on my stomach, from being burned by a piping hot bowl of chicken and dumplings being dropped in my lap, faded too and the stretch marks are much less visible. Yep. I'm sold on it! Dang, I'm even considering selling it myself.

That said, body wrap results are not permanent. They are not cure alls. They are not substitutes for real diet and exercise. Diet and exercise are where the permanent changes come in. It's up to you.

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