Sunday, August 20, 2017

What I do in my spare time

I LOVE doing tie dyed shoes!  To do this all you need are white canvas sneakers, Sharpie Permanent Markers,and eye dropper, and  91% rubbing alcohol. Color your design leaving a white border between each color, using your eye dropper liberally drop 91% rubbing alcohol in the colored areas and or along the edges of your colored areas. Let dry out for a day or two. Yes they will fade as tie dye is famous for.  Wash your sneakers and dry them well first before you start coloring then wash again after the alcohol has dried.  Don't forget to color the tongue of the shoe as well as the shoe strings for a cohesive look.

Tiered Cake Plates

The blue flowered plate wouldn't sit flat because of the scalloped edge on the candle holder but after experimenting food and other items are not affected by the slight angle and it is just a slight angle. This picture makes it look worse than it is

This is my personal favorite project so far.  Simple, but oh so elegant.  I gifted this to a sweetheart of a friend and he loves it!  Will I make another one?  I wish, but alas, Hobby Lobby only ordered them as a spring/summer item and they're all gone now. =(

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