Monday, September 24, 2018

Bullet Proof Coffee

I hang out in the social media crowd. You know, the facebook groups who commiserate with each other over dieting fails and offer up nutrition advice which ultimately ends up a bully pulpit and the original question is lost somewhere in the melee.

Case in point, I asked for some salty crunchy snack ideas on a group whose name included LOW CARB HIGH FAT. The general consensus when one is snacking mindlessly is 1)boredom 2)lack of self-control 3) genuinely hungry and needs to up fat intake.

 I'm not bored.

I sleep all day because I work 3rd shift, therefore, missing 2-3 meals a day so I am lacking self-control because I'm actually pretty hungry. My go to is always a BPC to tide me over till I can figure out what I want to eat, but I usually end up snacking on convenient items like Ritz crackers or cheeze its.

When I mentioned that I was sipping on a Bullet Proof Coffee, I was immediately set upon.

"Why are you drinking an oil slick?"
 Me: cuts cravings and helps things move along if you catch my drift.

"Step away from all the fat, caffeine, and calories!"
Me: Caffeine I understand, but I work 8pm to 3 am I kinda need it. Fat...hello low carb HIGH FAT way of eating HIGH FAT = HIGH CALORIES

"You need to eat a protein bar!"
Me: A protein bar? PROTEIN BAR? Where the hell do you find a protein bar that isn't laden with calories and CARBS, HELLO LOW CARB high fat way of eating.

"Drink a diet coke instead!"
Me: Wait, what happened to no caffeine and since when does low carb high fat diet encourage diet soda? Last I looked diet soda was heavily frowned upon as the artificial sweeteners in it are a) believed to be carcinogenic and b) actually cause hunger

When someone offered some good ideas like "Pork rinds" the chick who bawled me out over drinking the oil slick returned fire telling her that pork skins have too many calories and fat and are nutritionally empty calories. The woman who said "pork rinds" shot back "She asked for snack ideas, not nutrition expert advice."

I thanked her just before many other women in the group piled on her too

Next advice "Pepperoni chips and almonds."
Again shot down by oil slick girl for no nutritional value and lots of calories, not to mention too much salt.

Someone else said 'popcorn' and was immediately set upon as being too ignorant about the low carb way of eating to be offering advice.

I felt bad for her.

She was new and learning the ropes. It was uncalled for.

By this time I'd had enough and deleted my post.

I asked for snack ideas.

How hard is that?

Where do people get off being so rude and intolerant toward others who are learning?

Or so full of themselves that they genuinely can't see how disrespectful they are toward other people who ask simple questions.

What is wrong with people these days? .