Monday, April 30, 2012

Silk Protein Shakes Review

I love the new Silk products.  There's a flavor for everyone.  What I don't love in the new Protein Shakes is all the sugar.  C'mon guys, you make a no sugar added soy milk and coconut milk can't you figure out a way to do the same for y our protein shakes?  There are diabetics and low/no sugar people out there who would otherwise enjoy adding a Silk Protein smoothie to their morning routine.

Pretty please?  With low/no sugar on top?


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Sunday, April 29, 2012


I get the following questions fairly frequently:  do you exercise. Yes.  Lightly.  I had stopped pilates and running last November after nearly bleeding to death.  My heart still doesn't like me much as a result, but it now just deals with it.  I just slow down what I'm doing.  I don't go full stop just slow and steady.

What do you eat? or Do you eat?  Yes.  I eat.  The question should actually be what don't you eat?

Do you do those fad diet shakes? Yes and no.  I don't push the diet shakes hard except as supplements or a quick breakfast.  You can't re-learn to eat correctly by relying on diet shakes to get the weight off.  They become old/boring quickly. They become expensive habits really fast. Once you stop using them the weight comes back. They're not really satisfying either.

The best shake out there (in my opinion only) is the chocolate shake by Shakeology.  I add half a cup of diced avocado, 1 tbsp cocoa, and chocolate coconut milk to mine.  Hits the spot when I have a chocolate craving.

How about weight watchers/lean cuisine etc: They're fine too, in the short term.  Once again, these meals get old and boring quickly and you didn't learn anything except they're expensive. Once you go 'off' them the weight comes back.

Diet pills?  ABSOLUTELY NOT.  Diet pills are an invitation for disaster.

Fad diets like HCG, etc? You tell me, how do you lose weight? Getting some injection or just eating 500 calories a day.  Call it the starvation diet, skip the injections/liquid drops, they're useless, and you'll still lose weight, simply because you're now borderline anorexic.

It took a while to get the weight on, some fad something or other diet won't take it off quickly.  If it does, believe me the fat will return almost tenfold as quickly as it left.  If it's a pill, listen to me, there is no magic pill, just a man or woman out there at the head of the company hawking this miracle pill who is laughing all the way to the bank.

If any of the diet schemes out there actually worked no one would be overweight and the 'diet' companies would be out of business.

If you SERIOUSLY want to lose the weight you'll do what it takes.  You'll put in the SWEAT EQUITY. You'll EARN your body back. You won't line the pockets of the shareholders in Joe's magic weight loss pill company any more.

If you really and truly want the weight off, lemme hear a loud echoing YES!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Simple Things

I was thinking back on when I first started trying to lose weight.  I made simple changes.  Easy things that didn' t cause too much muss and fuss in my established lifestyle.

1) Drink more.  I started drinking more tea, water and coffee.  Sometimes thirst masks itself as hunger so ask yourself if you're hungry or thirsty?  Always go for thirst first.

2) Warm lemon water first thing in the morning.  Hydrate hydrate.  Fresh lemons only.  It acts as a mild laxative.

3) Cucumber water.  About mid afternoon when you start taking on water weight/swelling. Wash the cuke thoroughly.  Slice it into 1/4 inch thick slices.  Squeeze slightly.  Put  2 slices in  8 oz glass pour warm water over it. Enjoy.  This has a mild diuretic effect on your body.

4) Skip the salt and sugar as much as possible.

5) Add a tablespoon of ground flaxseed into everything you cook.  You won't notice it I promise.  It's full of omegas and acts as fiber woud in you diet.

6) Enjoy a slice of avacado with your meals.  Fiber and essential fats.

7) Make the switch to GrapeOla.  It's grapeseed oil which is very good for you mixed with Canola, also good for you. Chock full of omegas.

8) Enjoy an egg or two for breakfast. (boiled, fried, over easy or however you like it.) Add a slice of avacado, your lemon water, and some cheese or a slice of fruit and you're set for the morning on protein and energy.

9) Have a cup of coffee it's good for you!

10) Find a way to get 10 minutes of exercise in even if it's playing with your pets, your kids, getting outside and walking laps around your house, heck walk laps IN your house.  You don't have to have a tread mill to walk steps or make loops through your house.  Just move, deliberately, wtih exercise in mind, for 10 minutes.

See.  Easy stuff.

Make it a goal to try this for a week.  Tell me how you did.

Have a happy healthy week.