Tuesday, June 28, 2011

And Back to the excuses

I was in the employee lounge with a co-worker, a much younger, overweight co-worker and the topic of weight loss came up  Her parents had enrolled her in a  professional weight loss program and she said "I can't lose weight at all I have an almost non-existant metabolism at my age."

I raised and eyebrow at her statement, bit my tongue until it bled, at her statement.  Was she even listening to herself?  Was she even paying attention to what was on her plate: A large order of chili cheese fries from Krystals, along with 6 cheese Krystal Burgers and of course the requisite staple of any 'dieters' drink, a large Diet Coke and a large chocolate milk shake.  My head hurts just sthinking about it.

In the meantime I was eating whole grain chicken couscous with a side of strawberries and blueberries. She said it looked too hard to make.  Never mind it took less than five minutes (I used leftover chicken form last night's supper)....just how long did she wait in the drive thru at Krystals?

And here I am running a blog called the No Excuses Zone.  And there she was handing me excuses.

If you have a non existant metabolism but you do nothing to help yourself then you are where you are by the decisions you make.  You are overweight because you chose to ignore what is better for you.  There is no amount of education or legislation of helath that will make you do anything any different.  You know that chili cheese fries, no matter how yummy, will not help you get a handle on your weight.

And from there I have no where to go, my brain is just stumped and perplexed over the entire conversation.  Most people I'm blunt with, with her...I have no clue what to do with her as she is young and we're not all that much on 'friendly' terms beyond the being nice to each other because we work in the same place kind of friendly, but I wanted to say "Then why are you eating that garbage?"  Bite  your tongue Melissa and vent on  your blog.  Who knows, she might stumble across it some day and get the 2x4 of knowledge smacked right between her eyes?

One can hope.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lack of updates

Is what happens when you no longer have a computer or access of your own.  Have patience with me folks as I work connection issues out.

Your lunch menu (since I started with breakfast and never finished from there lol).

Choose one Daily.  I make mine at home and carry it with me. It takes a lot of discipline to manage your daily diet.  Lunch and supper is one of those tough areas especially when you work

-Tuna salad on Baby spinach.

There are literally thousands of ways to make tuna salad.  I substitute spicy mustard for mayonnaise, completely drain the tuna bone dry and add chopped celery, quartered cherry tomatoes, sliced black olives, chopped sweet pepper(red, green, yellow,orange...)the more colorful the more likely you are to eat it), chopped hardboiled eggs.  Mix and plop a huge spoonful onto baby lettuces or spinach that is piled high in your bowl.  Place a few pretzels of your choice and sliced raw almonds in a baggie and there you have a filling lunch.  If you absolutely must have bread, take a toufoyan everything bagel (100 calories) with you too.

Prepared according to directions.  Add chopped apples,  raw walnuts, pecans, almonds, chopped celery, and golden raisens.  Fill your lunch bowl halfway with baby lettuces or spinach and the rest of the way with tabouleh.  Carrot sticks, orange slices, and a handful of golden raisens in a baggie to top off lunch.

-Set aside some of your supper to take for lunch, add a side salad to it.

I don't recommend those protein bars or shakes as a lunch substitute unless it's a short day at work.  I work retail so some days I'm only there 4-6hours and get 1 fifteen minute break so that wold be the day I have a protein bar or shake.  If you're at work more than 6 hours you need something that isn't going to leave you ravenous by the time you leave work.

If you forget your lunch or the girls/guys go out for lunch, I highly reccommend purchasing a book called Eat This Not That (preemptively of course!).  If all else fails: if it says creamy, fried,crispy, crunchy, sweet, gooey, rich, decadent runRunRUN AWAY from it NOW!

Supper ideas later this week.

Have a happy healthy Wednesday.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Refreshing very low calorie smoothie recipe a friend shared with me.

1 cup club soda
1 cup ice
1 cup frozen berries of your choice
2 packets stevia (more or less according to your taste)

Blend until smooth and ENJOY!  This is a very satisfying and filling drink.  It freezes well.  The club soda gives it a little 'umph'. There are no calories in the ice, stevia, or club soda. There might be 100 calories or less in the berries depending on what you use so drink your fill!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Numbers

Weight 192
Neck 15.5
Biceps 14 Beginning to be very clearly defined muscle! YAY!)
Bust 35
Waist 36 (grrr)
 Hips 42
Thigh 25 (beginning to be very clearly defined muscle too!)
Calf 16 (ditto!)

I'm not entirely happy with those numbers,but considering how very lazy I've been lately what did I really expect?  Two months til class reunion/mixer so I MUST get back on target!

Starting with a nice long walk and some weight training today.

My goal for the end of the month is 182.  ten pounds off.