Sunday, July 18, 2010

I hate magazine covers

If there is anything more misleading than magazine covers, I'd like to know what it is. Honestly. How many times can the same magazine boast Miracle Diet/Pill/Exercise will help you shed a bazillion pounds a month!

First, For Women, for example reported that one particular diet would help women lose 47 pounds in one month. Another month is promoted drop 9 pounds every 7 days and 4 inches from your waist in one week. The next month it boasted that this particular exercise would help you lose 20 pounds by the end of summer. Ummmm, I'd rather do the diet and lose 47 pounds in one month 0r 36 lbs and 16 inches from my waist as opposed to 20 pounds in 12 weeks wouldn't you? Problem is, neither headline is being honest.

Woman's World is next with its Fit into your skinny jeans by eating these foods! Lose up to 16 pounds a week on TURBO ATKINS! Lose 6 Pounds a week and keep it off forever! So what's the difference in 16 pounds and 6 pounds headlines? Neither of them are realistic and quit likely, not healthy for you either.

But, while I'm thinking about it, the headlines of the magazines are rather misleading, the recipes and menus are pretty good.

I subscribed to the Jillian Micheals website (before I swore off her methods) and this is one of the reasons I swore offf her methods, I get an email from some woman on how to lose weight fast. One recommendation was along the lines of only eat plain yogurt and drink water for 7 days. Yeah, I can see the weight coming off like that, but after 7 days of starvation how much weight could be gained by eating everything in sight at the end of plain yogurt and water hell?

There's no sense in starving yourself.

I've dropped roughly 50 pounds in one year. Yeah, one year.

I've done it by losing the weight slowly, eating right (or at least trying to) and exercising even if it's a few minutes before I go to work or before I go to bed.

Look for my next post. I'll give you menus and recipes that are 'do'able

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