Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lunch Menu and an addendum to the shopping list

I suppose everyone is tired of looking at the breakfast menu huh?

For most of us lunch is eaten on the go and that is a big set up for disaster. I usually pack a salad or leftovers form last night's dinner, but on the days i don't have time or I forget here's what I do.

There is a Chinese Buffet style restaurant at the end of the sidewalk in the 'strip mall' where I work. I WALK to the restaurant. They serve their version of sushi and I load up. I avoid the fried sushi because I feel that defeats the purpose. I have teriyaki chicken (yay for food on a stick!)I have stir fried vegetables. Miso soup or Hot and sour or wonton soup. Egg drop is high in calories. They have icecream and I have one scoop (no, not a big scoop)and sweet tea with lemon.

There is also a bbq restaurant directly across from teh store and a steak house beside it. I order a large beef bbq sandwich (it is sliced been not pulled so it has less sauce on it than pork or chicken) with coleslaw and I ask for a fork, again, sweet tea with lemon. The bun goes into the trash, I eat the meat and the slaw, toss the bottom part of the bun. I don't eat at the steakhouse because I worked in a similar one as a teenager and just can't bring myself to set foot in the door.

Other restaurants: Eat from the salad bar. Use common sense. You know what is packed with salt, sugar, and calories, don't eat it. If you absolutely can't resist, have ONE spoonful, not a big spoonful. Steer clear of the dessert bar or just have ONE spoonful, not a big spoonful. You're changing your way of life, not cheating on a diet and part of that change is learning to control your urges to indulge in cravings.

If you order a hamburger, lettuce tomato, pickle only, toss the bun. DO NOT EAT THE FRIES. or if you must have the fries, eat only a few. Control yourself.

I'M GIVING YOU PERMISSION NOT TO CLEAN YOUR PLATE. Food left on your plate is calories not consumed.

Now, for a more normal menu

- Al Fresco tacos (shell, meat, lettuce and tomato), 100 calorie snack packs (watch the salt) fruit.

- Chef's salad with dressing on the side. (Mixed greens, not iceberg lettuce, it's not really that good for you, shredded meats of your choice, shred your own cheese choices, tomato, cucumber, and radish slices (I hate onions so add them if you like 'em, I don't), I also toss in some edamame (soybeans, rinsed veggie sprouts, and some raw almond slivers. Eat as much as you can stand. 100 calorie snack (watch the salt), fruit.

- 2 slices 15 grain whole wheat bread, a couple of slices of lean deli meat, lettuce, tomato, flax seed mayo, piece of fruit, 100 calorie snack (watch the salt amounts).

- Drained tuna, diced avacado, light mayo, diced sweet green pepper, diced cucumber, raw pecan pieces, diced tomato, diced apple (optional), halved red seedless grapes (optional) mixed together, served with 1 slice 15 grain wholewheat bread, 100 calorie snack (watch the salt), fruit.

- Soup and Salad. Steer clear of calorie laden soups. YOu know which ones I'm talking about. Anything creamy. Chowders. Cheese based. Noodle or rice soups. DO NOT EAT THEM or go by the one spoonful rule. Broth based soups are best, and if they're loaded with veggies then all the much better for you. Tortilla soup (the spiciness is good for you), vegetable soup, miso, wonton, these are the better choices. (Avoid the chinese noodles though) Salad of your choice (not a pasta salad, greens, know how to make a salad)

-A plate of hard cheese slices (or 2 Baby Belle rounds), steak chunks or chicken breast strips (Not fried), sweet green peper slices, celery sticks, baby carrots, whole edamame or snap sugar peas, jumbo black olives (rinsed), boiled eggs (sliced) with Tribe 40 Spice Hummus.


Addendum to the shopping list

York Sugar Free Peppermint Patties
VitaMuffin Muffin tops
PRINGLES ORIGINAL POTATO CRISPS (yes, you have permission to indulge in 'tater chips' have 8-10)
Red Vines Sugar Free Licorice
Salsa (mix into scrambled eggs for a southwestern flare)
lite mayo
bananas (I hate the things, they give me wicked heartburn)
Red Grapefruit
DARK Chocolate
Pineapple chunks (packed in light syrup or in its own juice avoid the splenda packed stuff)
Carrot Juice (as a base for smoothies)
Bolthouse Vanilla Chai Tea (as a base for smoothies)
High Lignan Flax Seed Oil ( there is a difference in the flaxseed oils, high lignan helps your body process fats better, it also plays a role in helping with 'female hormonal issues)

Note on using soy products, while soy is fantastic in curbing weight issues, it has been known to mess with your estrogen levels, pushing them into the high end which will then throw our monthly cycle off and since most of us are in our 40's or soon will be, that's the last thing we need on top of 'getting older' and being overweight. So enjoy soy products sparingly, don't abandon them altogether.

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