Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Let's put it all together

My blog looks like jibberish intermingled with pity party rants and I don't like it one bit.

So let's start over a little bit.

Decide why do you want to lose weight? 

For me, I'm now 41.  I'm out of time for ignoring my health.  It's literally a do or die point beyond 41.

What is the trigger behind this decision?  Other than my age.
My parents are both very overweight.
My parents are both diabetic.
I was told I was only third rate.
I was also told that I used to be cute when I was younger and weighed less.

My decision was based on all of the above.  I can't do anything about being older.  But I can do something about my weight and my appearance so I am proving that I can weigh much much less and that I am not 3rd rate if any of the reactions from friends who haven't seen me in a while and from co-workers who are suddenly paying attention is anything to go by.

Now that you have your reason and your trigger, make your plan.  What are you going to do to lose weight?
You know how I feel about switching to diet drinks.  That really doesn't do anything for you.
Plan your meals. 

Plan ahead if you know you're not going to have time to cook, know which restaurants offer better food choices, if you end up eating pizza, choose thin crust with cheese, if you're going to end up with a hamburger make it lettuce tomato pickle only and toss the bun. 

Educate yourself on the foods you consume.  Google specific foods like this How many calories does Arby's fries have in them  or How MN calories are in an avocado.  You'll be shocked.

Watch sugar and sodium counts.

Avoid high fructose corn syrup.

What else?  Do you want to just lose weight or do you want to look good too?  Get an exercise routine to tighten and tone.  We're older folks here so it's going to take a while longer and a little bit more effort but it IS do-able.

For gorgeous abs, back, and glutes, Pilates is your best bet.  go with Suzanne Deason or Mari Winsor, I use both..  Get a stability ball, 2 lb soft weights, and a couple of resistance bands to tighten and strengthen your arms (you know those bat wings hanging off where your biceps are supposed to be, right???) and work on tightening your thighs.  Get a good pair of those rocking shoes, doesn't matter which name brand you get as long as it drops your heel lower than your toes, this is how it helps firm your calves and backside and improves your posture. Wear them Daily.  I'm usually out on the walking trail in mine in the evenings or early morning, sometimes both..  If you're wearing the shoes daily and exercising, get this, 10 minutes a day every other day, not even consecutive every other days, say Monday, Tuesday, Saturday one week then sunday, Wednesday and Thursday, you will start toning up, losing the inches, and dropping a few pounds just because you're off your backside.

What about your skin?  does it look tired and overall yuck?  Microdermabrasion (you can buy the stuff to do it at home) works wonders.  Moisturizer  for your face and throat to make those fine lines and wrinkles diminish.  Exfoliating scrub once a week on the rest of your body  followed by baby oil all over except your feet.  At night, after your shower or bath rub a thin layer of vaseline all over your feet then wear thin cotton socks over them to do 2 things 1) keep the moisture on your feet/skin 2)keep you from breaking your neck from walking on your slicked up feet.

What is your plan after you reach your goal?   Keeping the weight off is a good plan, but how will you do it? What else is there to do after you reach your target weight?  You have to have a reason to keep going, not necessarily to lose more weight but to maintain and always reach for something more. something better.  What do you hope to attain by losing your weight? Health? Looking hot regardless of how old you are?  I intend to be the best looking old bat in the nursing home some day lol! Take a look around there are some stunning older women nowadays and they've done it without cosmetic surgery, and you know, even if they have had a little nip and tuck here and there, more power to them gives the young girls something to worry about.  Gramma looks better than I do!  lol!

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