Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Product Plug and next size down

I'm always looking for new, less caloric products that have a healthy twist to them.  This week's new product is Maranatha All Natural Dark Chocolate Almond spread.  While it has a lot of calories, 180 in 2 tablespoons, it also packs 4 grams of protein, a whopping 6% iron, and 2 grams protein.  I don't use the entire 2 tablespoons of spread because that is a lot of product on 1 piece of bread. 

I know some of you are fans of Nutella, I love the stuff too, however, Almonds are better for you and so is the dark chocolate.

In other news, Keith has lost NINE pounds since he started following my diet.  I've lost 2.  sucks huh?  However, women do lose more slowly than men and he's just now getting started so he will lose a lot for a while then hit the lovely plateau like we all do.  When you hit that plateau it's sink or swim.  Time to change up something in your routine that will kick start the weight loss again.

I am rock solidly into size 14, the 12's are teasing me but I can get into them and fasten them, funny thing is that I like to breathe, funny how that works...  Would you believe size large in shirts are now getting entirely too big on me?  I can pick up a large and say "Oh my, that's too big."  I never thought I'd be saying that again.  Ditto size 16 pants, if you were to tug unaggressively on my work pants (because I hate to have to pay full price for them at this point when I know I'll be out of them in a few weeks) the pants will fall off.  Wouldn't that just be something no one wanted to see?

Yesterday I got a 2 hour lunch break so I took myself for a walk at Athens Regional Park.  Oh my, they have great, safe feeling walking trail. I think there is another trail somewhere around there, but I was on the one over next to the Pavilion and it was very nice.  It was hot, but I hate walking in the cold anyway. 

Measurements coming up the first weekend in October. 

Hopefully, I'm going to be face painting again this year for KMart's Halloween carnival.  If so, then once again I'll be dressed as a witch.  With a twist. I plan on being a more modern witch in a black Gothic bell sleeved blouse, black leather (yes, leather) pants and heeled boots. (Piper/Prue Halliwell eat your heart out sister!) Of course I'll still have my witch's hat and my magic wand (make up brushes lol!)  You can't be a witch without those!  I traded my broom in for a  Mercedes then accidentally turned it into an old Toyota Camry.  Never did figure out how to reverse that spell, hmmmm.

Anyway, back to the leather pants, after working like I have to lose the weight I deserve a pair of nicely fitted leather pants.  I give anyone and everyone reading this blog permission to shop for smaller sizes as needed.  The lady at Cato's told me to stop shopping like I'm still overweight.  If I can't wear a size because it's too big it's time to graduate down a size or 2 or 3, so why oh why can't I convince myself to buy smaller work pants, oh, right, money issues. 

She told me to get used to wearing clothes that fit, that aren't loose on me because I'm not hiding huge bulges, (actually looking like I'm wearing a tent) I'm now showing off curves (even if some of them still curve the wrong way!) And she's right.  I worked for it.  I look funny in my pants, or maybe I just look funny, who knows. So maybe, I'll shop for some proper fitting pants.  It'll give me a new goal, get out of them in favor of the next size down.

Make that your goal.  Next size smaller.  And keep it your goal until you reach that next size down, then reset the goal for ..  .the next size down.  This is my 'And then what' moment, next size down and should be yours as well. 

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