Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving dinner and just one spoonful

It all adds up.  Calories, that is. And salt intake.  For the most part, I behaved myself,sticking mainly with turkey and vegetables.  However, my veggie shoices were actually poor for the most part and unfortunately the best veggie (the one I liked the most) was pickled green tomatoes rinsed and fried with pickled okra.  Salt central! 

I took an exhaustion related nap after eating 2 slices of turkey breast (no seasonings used), no dressing, 1 small spoonful of mashed taters, fresh turnip greens (unsalted), cheesy mixed veggies (tons of salt again), northen beans (canned therefore SALTY), fried okra/tomatoes. I didn't even touch the rolls and I love brown and serve rolls, but I didn't touch them.  I was a good girl,for the most part..  I also had 2 deviled eggs and a slice of Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake (made with tofu) with 1 spoonful of low fat less sugar Breyer's Vanilla bean icecream.  Sweet tea to round it off.

So what happened while I was sleeping?  My body is so unaccustomed to salt and sugar that I swelled up like a big balloon.  My kidneys have been working overtime trying to filter all those toxins I put in my body today.  I feel bad and very thirsty.  The swelling is starting to go down finally.  My hands were so swollen that they were difficult to use.

One thing I did notice while napping, I slept on my back without waking up gasping for air for the first time in years.  I woke up slightly when my son was in my face saying "hey mom, did you know...."  And the second time he was tucking me in on the sofa because my feet were freezing (he's a sweet young man who loves and takes care of his mom).

I'm drinking a lot of water to try and flush the ick out of my system.

I think I would really love to have a slice of that apple pie still sitting in my kitchen, but the more I think of it the less appealing it is.  Perhaps the appeal is the fact that it's sitting in there going to waste and the mom in me says don't waste food.  It needs to just waste.  Maybe one of my kids will eat it.

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