Monday, November 8, 2010

When your last name is Murphy

Murphy's law applies ten fold.  The rotten past week is now spilling over into this week and I want to know what gives?  We just keep on taking hit after hit, get right back up and keep going, but I'm beginning to wonder how much more we can possibly take?  Two cars of three are down.  We have no money, and when I say NO MONEY I mean NO MONEY. Tuition is due.  Doctor and dentist bills are due. Mortgage is due.  We broke out a credit card to rent a car because our 2 cars couldn't break down AND be repaired while I was on vacation.  Nooooo, too simple. 

If your'e a guy reading this, you're about to cross over into the too much information zone.  This is your one second warning.




And to top it all off, Caleb informed me I look like I'm gaining my weight back.  GASP! ARGHHHH! NOOOOO!!!

But he's right.  This last menstrual cycle put the entire household through hell.  I went on a hellacious chocolate and soda binge. I was mean spirited during the day and wore my husband the last 2 nights before 'mother nature' arrived..  I've not done that in a long long long time.  Probably a good thing I was on vacation I would have gotten fired with my bad attitude and short fuse. And I mean short fuse.  Everyone pretty much stayed out of my way. Even our pets.

The scale says three pounds heavier and I have a monster bloat going on that would make Oprah look thin. I'm out of my vitamins and will have to wait until we get paid again before refilling my evening primrose supplies.

Ladies, evening primrose oil, 1300 mg is a GOD SEND when it comes to controlling mood swings and hormones.  I'm of the unprofessional opinion that it also helps curb cravings and bloat as well.

I've discovered 2 new online hobbies. couponing and survey taking for points to redeem for rewards, mostly gift cards, but hey, I'm short on cash and Christmas is coming up fast!.  I'm thinking this new obsession with couponing is contributing to my erratic almost OCD behavior and general gloominess.  I must not get on the computer so much, but there are so many surveys and coupons to find! And there is no warm sunshine with its siren's call drawing me away from the computer in favor of soaking up it's rays.  Sure, there's sun out there, but damn it's cold!

And therein lies my moodiness.  Lack of sun.  It encourages the release of feel good hormones. Natural Vitamin D contributes to those feel good hormones.  Vitamin D deficiency contributes to the juggly fat under your skin, that gross stuff that hangs over your waistband.  I read an article just this week where a doctor suggested that obese, note OBESE, not fat for those who think that needing to lose just 5 pounds qualifies them as obese, Obese women should consume as much as 10,000 IU of Vitamin D per day.  Almost all OBESE women are 80% or more deficient in Vitamin D.

Now, when I first read that article I mulled it over.  When did I start losing weight?  When I started supplementing my diet with Anne Louise Gittleman's peri-zappers and a multi that contained Vitamin D and I started laying out in the sun frequently.  Vitmain D central.  The weight started falling off.  I wasn't even exercising then. Just eating better. So, this is the way I think it works:  Vitamin D up to 10k IU, lots of veggies and fruits with a little meat/cheese/protein  on the side and you are well on your way to weight loss  that is not all that hard.That's what I did. Then add in a bit of exercise, just 15-20 minutes per day or even every other day and you'll  begin to see some results within 2 weeks. 

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