Tuesday, May 24, 2011

About that cake

I tried the cake recipe and I'll be honest.  It looked pretty, tasted NASTY!  There is no rescuing that particular recipe so I won't even suggest it or give the recipe.  It was that bad.  My advice?  Stick with organic and add the flaxseed, oats, and wheat germ yourself.

I spent the weekend simply observing my husband and his eating/exercise habits.  He worries me but I refuse to give in to the temptation to tell him the harsh words he told me even if I think he needs to hear them.  Only I wouldn't be harsh about it.  I'm not exactly that kind of person,but he worries me nonetheless.

My youngest son turned 13 on the 21st.  He's around 6ft 3 and weighs about 203 lbs. That's down from 225 pounds a few months ago.  He's watching me and everything I do.  He's been using my weights and actually pulled off 30 push ups on his last pft with the young marines.  I can't do 30.  Of course Grant, my 15 year old, showed off and did 65 push ups and did his very best to discourage Caleb's success, however, Caleb more than doubled his push ups over the last 6 weeks, Grant did not and that was pointed out to him.  I try to encourage competition and good eating habits for my sons but I want to discourage the trashing of their accomplishments.  That is the one thing I consider unfair, not the competition itself, but the goading that ensues.

School is out for the summer, technically.  They are more or less home schooled,well, co-operative educated, so school is never really out for them.  They have plenty of schoolwork to do this summer as well as Young Marines Camp in Pensacola, and possibly Junior Leadership school in July also with the Young Marines.  We have a lot of stuff to be repaired this summer so I think they'll be very occupied.

I have several friends who are having heart issues, I think it's largely weather related.  It's warmer outside so it's time to get active and get over that winter battle of the bulge but the battle has taken its toll on their hearts and now they're paying for it.

I do have suggestions for them, but this is the one instance where I insist that they talk to their doctors first because I don't want to tell them to do something that might interfere with medications or treatments in progress.

Diet: Oats, leafy greens, berries, salmon, boneless skinless chicken breast, all the fresh vegetables and fruits you can stand.  I dont' know about you, but I can stand a lot of fresh veggies and fruits!  If you absolutely must have pasta go with Shiratake Noodles, look for them at Trader Joe's or EarthFare or in the refrigerated organics section of your grocery store.  Same with bread.  If you have to have bread look for the Healthy Life brand.  WalMart Carries it. Make certain it doesn't have high fructose corn syrup in it.  I usually get the kind with added Omegas and ground flaxseed.

Eggs: be extremely careful here. Eggs are very good for you.  Find Organic, free range, Omega enriched eggs.  Just because it says free range doesn't mean they were outside their entire lives it may mean they were allowed to go outside for 5 minutes with 5000 other chickens so read the label very carefully.

Stay away from caffeine, sugar, ABSOLUTELY NO PASTA or BREAD (see the exceptions above)

Supplements: CoQ10 30mg to start, EPA/DHA180/320, Acai Berry 500mg, Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc/D-3, ALA, if you can't sleep at night Melatonin 3mg.

Exercise:  WALK. Not a fast walk or even a long one, something you can handle.  Take a friend with you.  Get one of those watches that has a built in heart rate monitor, it costs a bit more but may warn you when you arent' paying close enough attention to what you're doing.  If you need to walk alone to work things out in your mind then tell someone where you're going, what you're doing and when you expect to be back just so they know.  If they want to know why tell them the truth that you need to think and to work it out yourself maybe even think aloud without interference. You'd be amazed how much clearer things are when you say your thoughts out loud.  Sometimes I even sing out loud with my mp3  player.  I get odd looks but that's okay.

I love blogging to get my troubled thoughts out of my head and in front of me where they're easier to deal with because I have them in some kind of jumbled order where they can be sorted according to importance.

Massage therapy: OMG!  If I could afford a massage every day I would be in the therapists office every single day!  My husband's idea of massage frustrates me, he's afraid if he presses too hard he'll hurt me. Sigh.

Shower or long hot bath, ALONE.  Tell the members of your family that the first person who knocks on your door while you're de-stressing will be the first person in the line of fire from your ensuing temper tantrum.  "If you knock on the door or interrupt me in any way shape form or fashion I will not be responsible for any violence that follows."  That threat has worked many a time for me.

De-stressing or comfort eating is not allowed.

Unless you want to try the cake recipe I did.  I'll promise you that after one taste of that nasty stuff you'll never comfort eat again!

Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. Ooh nice posts, especially about your quest for weight loss and other beauty related articles. I hope you are able to stick to your goal and become as fabulous as you want to be!