Monday, May 16, 2011

Good rainy Monday Morning

My computer is still down and likely out for the count.  So it's the library comp until I figure out a way to purchase a new computer.  I don't get how some people can just shrug then go out and buy a new computer.  My husband and I work our backsides off and still can't manage to cover anything more than basic needs, and that's iffy most of the time. 

That's all I have to say on that subject.  Frustration gets the better of me sometimes.

I am covered head to toe in poison ivy.  About the time I get one area of break out cleared up a new one crops up.  I think I'm in Poison Ivy HELL!

I'm a coupon-a-holic these days.  I'm learning the ropes, if you havent' scrolled back far enough into this blog, perhaps you should just to find some links to organics sites who offer coupons for their goods. 
Last week I took $77 off my grocery bill at Bi-Lo using coupons.  Then I went to Wal-Mart with my coupons that Bi-Lo wouldn't double and my freebie coupons,and I had several. my subtotal was $35 plus change before coupons, my total after coupons but before tax was $10 plus change.  This makes me very happy!

I have a new coupon source for you.  Mizkan.  Register for their Spalsh Recipe Club.  It's free.  They produce the cooking wines, vinegars, and other liquid flavorings that I use on this webpage.  I've received coupons for one of each of their product lines every couple of months and they aren't wimpy coupons either.  $1 off a $2-$3 product is nothing to sniff at.  I also have received recipe booklets from them.  You can never have too many recipes to try out.  Most of the recipes contain nutritional information such as calorie, sugar salt, and fat counts in the recipes.

I don't pay a lot of attention to any of the counts except salt because I am frequently shocked by the sodium content of every day food items we consume.  Take a look at the information labels on your foods, especially the diet foods, you'll be startled into looking at everything.  Become a label reader if for nothing other than self-defense.  You and your family are worth the extra 10 seconds it takes to look at what you are about to put in your mouth and theirs.

I'm off to order vitamins at Swanson Vitamins .  Hope everyone has a good for you, healthy day!

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