Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Hard Cold Truth.

It's not officially June 1 anymore, but for my intents and purposes, I'm going to say it is, for now.

I wanted to start this post by sounding like I was at an AA meeting

Hi my name is Melissa, you can call me Mel, I'm 40 and I'm FAT:

Instead I'll leave the above statement there for what it's worth and start at the beginning June 3 2009:

I was 40. I'm 5ft 8inches. I weighed 252 pounds. I wore a size 22W pant and a 2xl shirt.

Today, June 1 2010, I'll be 41 in 2 days. I'm still 5ft 8. I wear a size 14W or 16W depending on how they're made, a Medium or Large shirt, again, depending on how they're made. I weigh 217 pounds.

35 pounds down from a year ago.

I have no idea what my measurements were then, but here they are now:

(I wince as I type)

Neck 17.5 in
Bust 44 in
natural waist 42 in
Waist at widest point 48 in
Hips 47 in
Thigh (each) 33

48 in waist. 48? Really? I started out 98 lbs when I got married 18 years ago. My waist was probably the size my neck is now. Ugh!

Taking another look at it, my weight appears to have been in the extreme all of my life. Entirely too thin for my tall frame the first 22 years and entirely too much over the last 10 years.

I'm not going to point out any one thing and say it's that things fault I'm this size now. In reality, it's no one's fault other than my own from lack of caring, poor diet and exercise? What exercise?

Now, I'm paying for it.

I don't want to have high cholesterol. I don't want heart problems or diabetes or cancer. I hate the irregular monthly cycles. I hate bleeding for weeks on end because my hormones are out of whack.

I took control last year and I'm tightening my grip on my control now. NO EXCUSES!

-8 hours of sleep.
-Supplement Central, see my list below
-Raw Veggies and Fruits as much as I can stand and believe me I can stand a lot!
-Lean cuts of meat and fish only.
-I hate vinaigrette with a passion so it's no salad dressing or very little on the side
-Milk/dairy gives me heart burn of late so I've cut out almost all dairy the exception being Feta Cheese since it doesn't bother me at all
- RAW nuts (nut roasted they tend to be over salted)
-Blue Berries, Strawberries, Black Berries
-Raw Avocado slices (Wholly Guacamole 100 calorie packets and low/no salt pretzels make an awesome, filling snack)
-Pnut Butter and low/.no salt pretzels
- HUMMUS! Great with low/no salt pretzels, dip your raw veggies in it it's good for you!
-Eggs (scrambled, boiled...preferably not raw!)

I whole heartedly subscribe to Anne Louise Gittelman's Peri menopause regimen plus some
-1300 mg Evening Primrose (given time to get into your system it'll kick your irregular period back into sync)
-Calcium Carbonate/Magnesium/ Zinc
-3 Tbls Spoons of High Lignan Flax seed oil (there is a difference) (drizzle it on salad greens or do like I do take a deep breath and swallow the stuff...good for dry skin and out of whack hormones)
-500 mg Acai Berry (not for diet purposes, it's a mood enhancer along the lines of St John's Wart)
-Fergon (An iron supplement that I CAN take since I'm allergic to about all the other ones)
-Vitamin A
-Vitamin d-3 (I also lay out in the sun 15 minutes a day to get the good form of d-3)
-Sub lingual b-12 (energy and helps with adrenal fatigue)
-ALA (blood glucose levels)
-MSM (joint pain)
-200 mg CoQ10
-Folic Acid (heart)
-Vitamin C with rose hips (enhances the body's ability to absorb iron)

It's a lot of supplements, but my husband commented the other day that he thought I was doing better when I was taking them than when I allowed myself a month long break. to be honest, I feel better when I'm taking them so I went back to the vitamin/supplement regimen too.

Eating out:

No pasta.
If I order a sandwich lettuce tomato pickle only, the bun gets tossed in the trash.
No dessert.
Mexican is tricky so I am careful to order al fresco and eat very little of the 'wrapping'
Veggie Burgers at any fast food restaurant is just as bad as the real thing
Order your dressing on the side

Eat Breakfast ( a little protein like a slice of cheese preferably not that over processed stuff you put on sandwiches...try mild cheddar or colby jack, some pnut butter
Never finish everything on your plate
Go with GrapeOla instead of Canola or Olive oil
If you must use Olive oil purchase first cold press only
Hydrate! I can't stand plain water. I drink Zero calorie Life Water.
Artificial sweeteners are of the devil! Splenda started out life as an insecticide...think about that...

Here is the no excuse zone
This is where the Pedal hits the metal. You're either serious about losing the weight or you're not. I'm tired of hearing people say 'oh I have a new diet that does wonders. I have a new personal trainer. I have a membership at..... I'm using You're not serious. Diet pills are crutches as soon as you stop taking them the weight comes back plus some. Fad diets are fad diets and usually don't' work or are almost impossible to stay with. I lost 20 lbs with Atkins and gained 30 back because I couldn't stand the restricted intakes. Personal trainers and gym memberships are great...if you can afford them and you actually bother to go.

Get up off your duff and MOVE IT!

I'm tired of hearing whiny people saying but it's too hard. I can't keep up with the instructor/ video/ my knees hurt/ my back hurts/ I have my period/ I'm hormonal/I'm sick/ I'm too old/ I'm too fat.....the list goes on and on and on

You're not seriously trying to lose weight BUT you are willing to risk your life to remain fat. What kind of sense does that make?

I started Pilates a few weeks ago. I couldn't do curl up to save my life...my stomach was and still is in the way. Planks are difficult when your stomach is still touching the ground even if you are in the correct position. I do it anyway.

I dragged the hubby and kids out to the walking trail and made them do the loop TWICE this evening even after I'd done half the Brooke Siler Pilates video (no one says you have to do the whole thing.) and I did half the DWTS Dance Body Tone video. this was the first time I'd tried the video. By the end of the week I'll have it down.

I said no excuses, I didn't say I expected miracles. It's rare when one can do everything right the first time. I'm not one of those people, nor do I know anyone who is.

My purpose in starting this blog is two fold. I want to share my story, my struggle, recipes, ideas, exercises, and joy or pain and maybe it will help you too. I want you to share your experiences with me. sometimes a group experience is better than going it alone or having your partner discourage you every step of the way.

Feel free to say what you think or feel, but remember this is the NO EXCUSES NO WHINING ALL OR NOTHING EXPRESS.

Get Serious
Get Fit

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