Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Product Plug, Weight update, and setting a new goal

Since we've been rearranging the store, we have apparently acquired a new tea in the soda coolers by the front registers.  It is DELICIOUS!  It's called Honest Tea.  It has 40 calories per serving, 2 servings in a bottle, call it 80 and be done with it.  It's in a 16 oz bottle, manufacturers know people will drink the whole thing in one sitting probably...meh.  It's made with organic cane sugar, no high fructose stuff, full of antioxidants, and it's just barely sweet.  There's 4 flavors but, of course, I only prefer one of them.  Black Tea with honey.  The peach tea is GROSS!  I haven't tried the green tea or the pink on, I'm not sure what flavor that it but I don't like the pink color to it so I probably won't touch it.

Honest Tea

If you're following me on FaceBook then you already heard the news.  I can get into a size 12, buttoned zipped, able to breathe and move, but they're still rather tight.  Tight enough should a button come loose we'd find it in the next galaxy!

Now that that goal is down, the next goal is to make sure they're not so tight by the end of the month.  Being on my period and still getting them buttoned is a plus since I'll drop around 3-4 pounds of period weight  by the end of the week.

Getting rid of the ugly loose skin that is refusing to tighten up is proving to be quite the challenge.  I don't know how people do it without surgery because it's loose skin, not fat, not saggy muscles.  Fat and muscles are correctable, the loose skin, not so much. And if you were to put your fingers on my obliques or my lower back muscles you would find rock hard muscles, the six pack abs of your sides and back.  Press your fingers past the flabby ugly skin and you will find I have six pack abs, they're just buried under all that loose skin.and remaining 60 pounds of fat that I will have lost by this time next year just in time to run a marathon, which is also my next goal.

I'd almost bet if the loose skin would go away I'd be in a size 8.  Eight feels like a good goal for this time next year doesn't it?  I've been losing weight slow and steady (because that wins the race!) Since March of last year, but I didn't get really serious about it until August of last year.  I was so tired of telling the nurse weighing me to keep on moving that weight on the scale because I weighed a lot more than I looked.  I remember her gasping "that can't possibly be right!"  It was.  One year later I've dropped 51 pounds off my body, almost half my body fat.  I can' believe how much better I feel.  My husband commented that he hadn't really been able to tell I'd lost weight mostly because he saw me every day, but then he saw the side by side comparison on this website and was surprised.  Nice to know I can still surprise him every now and then.

A new LeAnn quote "I have a skinny girl inside me screaming to get out so I stuffed her mouth with cookies to keep her quiet."

Hope it's fiber added cookies, sweetie =)

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