Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pulling up by the bootstraps, Product Reviews

Hmmm, lost a follower.

I've been regrouping a bit. Looking hard at my motivation to lose weight in the past and where that motivation stands now.  There is only one thing to say.  THE WEIGHT MUST GO.

The book must be written.

The website must be more frequehtly updated.

I need more followers, maybe even ask people who follow my blog if they would like to become contributers to the content here?

The more involved this blog becomes in helping others the more inclined I will be, and those who are helping, to help ourselves,to make a difference ino thers lives while improving our own lives.  Isnt' that what we're here for? To help each other?

In other news I tried Shakeology, the greenberry sucks the underside of pond scum!  But the chocolate is yummy!  However, it's tremendously expensive.  That is the biggest downside to it.  If they want to be more successful and make more money then that exorbitant price....$119 a month needs to come down.  A lot. Plus there's a new flavor coming out in the fall: Tropical.  We'll just have to wait and see on it.  Personaly I'd like to see a vanilla flavor or one that has no flavor that can be used/added to in order to make your own flavors.

I've incorporated some INSANITY! and P90X into my exercise routine ( I looked at it on the internet because I certainly can't afford to buy the these people think I'm made of money?  Really?) OMG! My muscles hurt in the good way lol!  I reccommend it.  Buy it if you can afford it.  If not, cheat like I do and look on youtube at the clips from the program itself then incorporate them into your current routine.

Now it's time to take the boys to Charlie's house and have the evening off for myself. 


  1. Have you tried It's free - and very easy to use. I've lost 17 lbs since early August using the site! Having several friends using it also helps, too - it's like a virtual support group.

  2. I understand where you're coming from, not only about staying fit and helping each other but about the followers. Sometimes knowing your updates are popping up on someone's Google Reader or dashboard makes all the difference in creativity and motivation. So you lost one follower but you gained me! Wu-hoo! :-)

  3. YAY! Welcome Katie Jaye, good to ave you onboard. You're right I gained you what a fantastic gift you are!