Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Get back on that horse

Fell off for a while, now I gotta get back up or I never will.  Down for the count...not me.

Been down with a bad tooth and no dentist who didn't want to 'tend to it' without a preliminary check up xray and cleaning' first.  Like that was going to make the current xray and diagnosis by my own personal dentist any better or perhaps make their own even worse????? I especially liked the dentist who said I can get you in on the 20th and then get you scheduled sometime in April with an endodontist?  Really?  I'm scheduled with an endondist on the 15th I was just hoping you could get to me quicker before I big problem here right?

Add to that the suspect diagnosis of Trigeminal Neuralgia, yeah, look that one up.  I'm supposed to see my doctor after the root canal for an MRI to have a look at that bad boy and get a nice prescription to hopefully control it.  My husband said "Good I finally get a nice quiet compliant wife."  Not on your life buddy!

So the trigeminal thing is not curable or beatable, it is controllable.  Just so we get things straight here, I like control.  And it will be controlled, damn it.

Friday is shopping day so I'll be back in the saddle, shopping for proper foods and getting ye old diet back on track.

"Real" health issues aside, there is no compromising otherwise, no excuses, Mrs. Murphy. No excuses at all.  That nerve can cause all the pain filled probblems it wants, it doesn't mean I have to conusme a shamrock milkshake from McDonald's to make it go away because it seems to make matters worse and we really don't want to make things worse now do we?

Other than that, everyone have a safe healthy Wednesday.


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  1. I can feel for you with the tooth. I just had on pulled and I am waiting on it to heal to get an implant. Glad to see you are back on the Horse, I just got back on myself.