Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fast Food Snobbery

I've been kindly silent of late with good reason; I dont have internet access from home.  I'm home schooling my kids and time for blogging isn't high on my priority list. But I'm making time today because I just don't understand all the bashing being heaped upon McDonald's of late.

No one eats there out for their healthy menu.  It's Fast (hence FAST FOOD) and cheap.  They're not there to cater to your picky healthy snobby palate.  One persons big mac is another's sushi.  You leave my choice of food alone and I'll leave yours alone?  Fair enough?

But let me point put my menu when I do eat at McDonalds.  Side Salad 20 calories.  Balsamic Vinaigrette (half packet 15 calories or whole packet at 35 calories) Unsweetened ice tea 0 calories. Sometimes I'll  add string cheeseat 70 calories.  Sometimes I'll add 4 count chicken mcnuggets at 190 calories. I don't care about the pink sludge...its ground up chicken parts and in my opinion protein is protein.  As long as it's cooked it's bacteria free.  I haven't heard of anyone dying from chicken mcnugget poisoning. I  have heard of people becoming deathly ill from consuming sushi, undercooked chicken breast and so on.

While McDonald's isn't the healthiest choice out there, I pick them for price and convenience if I'm out and about because I can still make a few healthy choices from their menu and some other restaurants out there can't even make that claim.

Education can get you a long ways when shopping the fast food market.  I suggest you fast food snobs try it.  Just because health weekly or whatever publication of the week says it's so doesn't make it so.

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