Sunday, August 8, 2010

Don't deny me my haircolor!

I've heard it said that a woman's crowning glory is her hair. And to some extent that may be true. However, it should also be added that the fastest way for a man to get into trouble is to mess with a woman's perfectly coifed locks. Worse yet, interfere with her ability to 'correct' the age of her hair with hair color.

Now, Keith hasn't tried to stop me from coloring my hair, oh no, once I figured out I could make my hair any color I liked without fear of being forever stuck with said color, I went wild and he has stayed out of my way. He has commented that he didn't know he'd married Elvira, let's just say my hair might've been dark brown to almost black in my younger days, but it's all wrong nowadays. I'm a red head and I love it. Not that garish red that so many women favor, or even carrot top orange, it's a nice, medium auburn.

Revlon colorsilk had the perfect shade, medium auburn, number 31. I loved it. What lunkhead in their slaes division decided to stop producing it in favor of light auburn only? Am I the only woman out there who didn't want bright orange hair?

I tried cherry chocolate, medium reddish brown (who the hell says medium reddish brown, it's auburn for crying out loud!) which turned out to be more brwon than red. If I wanted brown I'd buy brown, I want medium auburn! Light Auburn is too light and medium reddish brown is to dark. Ah and so is medium brownish red.

I've tried burgundy, plum, some kind of color that left my hair with a blue shadow...uhm, no, I'll wait for the blue hair when I'm too old to squeeze the bottle for my fake AUBURN locks!

Some women say they've earned every gray hair on their head and they're not afraid to let it show. More power to you sister, I don't believe in advertising just how old I am or letting my battle scars show. I like to keep 'em guessing.

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