Monday, August 23, 2010

Things I've learned so far (It's only Monday!)

Since 'my' color is no longer available, I decided to give Garnier HerbaShine Medium Auburn Brown a shot.  Oh my stars!  My hair turned almost BLACK! Actually, chocolate cherry.  So I thought okay, I'll use a lighter brown over it to lighten it up and it'll probably go auburn.  WRONG!  It turned nuclear glow in the dark magenta!  So after a consult with some friends we decided to tone the magenta down that dark ash blonde would do the trick.  WRONG, again, to a point, the magenta is pretty much gone though when the light hits it the right way I still have a faint radioactive glow.  My hair is back to very dark auburn.  sigh. I look like a goth/emo chic...not my look let me tell ya!

Now, I'm just going to let my hair have a break for a few days and wear my hair up in a ponytail so maybe the goth looking hair that is mine won't be so garish.

Lesson learned: Garnier Herba Shine is an awesome hair color product, unfortunately, if you screw it up you are stuck with it.

Lesson two: People who have been drinking those 5 hour energy shot drinks are very hyper, easily amused, and must be bored to be that easily amused.

Lesson three:  (Wiping crumbs from my mouth), it's time to get back to business on the diet and exercise regimen, I've been lazy enough.  It's time to get back out in the sunshine now that the humidity levels are falling off.  Not that I completely avoided the sun, I didn't, I just didn't stay out as long, though it was nice to get sweaty without having to work out to get the ol' sweat glands going.

Lesson 4: The employee lounge has all kinds of pitfalls in it.  Homemade brownies and cakes and cookies and cupcakes, soda machines....sigh.  Everyone kind of scoots to the side if I'm in there with my healthy Greek vanilla yogurt, fruits, and veggies.  The typical comment "You make me feel guilty.  You're eating all that good stuff and I'm eating a honey bun!" 

Don't feel guilty.  Eat what you want.  Just don't complain that you gained 5 pounds while eating a honey bun and drinking a coke.  I'm not the food police.  If what I'm eating makes you feel guilty, do something about it.  You can go to the grocery store and buy what I'm eating just as easily as I can go get a honey bun and soda.  If you can live with your choices so can I.  I just chose healthy items.   I don't care what you 're eating, well, actually, I do, but not enough to ply pressure to the guilt you're feeling over that honey bun. But if you want me to, just say so, and I'll ply the pressure.  You'll either hate me for it or thank me, your choice.

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