Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year New You Challenge

Thought I'd toss a challenge out there to you along with a prize, yep, I said a prize!

It's about to be a new year.  Your goal is a new you.

Here's my challenge. First: No Resolutions.  You set yourself up to fail when you make a resolution so I don't make any.

1) Make a blog.  Blogspot offers a free blog as do several other sites like WordPress.  I like Blogger so that's what I use.
2) Tell me your blog's name and web address so I can link to you thereby follow you =)
3) Place a current picture of yourself on your blog along with you current age, weight, height, and waist measurements.
4) Tell us what you're doing (exercise wise) to lose weight on your blog and update us at least weekly on  how things are going.
5) Tell us what you're eating and if you're supplementing  to lose weight.
6) What is your 'and then what' goal for after you lose your weight

The two rules I will enforce: No slimfast/shake/liquid diets and no diet pills.  This must be an exercise and healthy change in diet weight loss program or you're going to set yourself up to fail.

On June 30, the person who has recorded the most weight lost while also keeping your blog up to date, will receive a $30 gift certificate to  Hollywood Body Spa and Laser

This spa has locations in Athens TN and Cleveland TN, If you are out of town or in another state, then I'll find a comparable salon and spa to award your gift certificate from.  I would also like your permission to feature your before and afters in my future book, and not just the person who wins, but ALL of your stories!

I'm going to compete along with the rest of you, but I'm not allowed to win because I'm the sponsor.  I'm your coach and competition!

Get your WEIGHT LOSS GAME ON!  Who wants to win????

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