Thursday, December 16, 2010

Observations and progress report

My butt no longer hangs over the edge of my seat.  If I have a muffin top at all, it's barely noticeable.  I pulled my size 15 pants off without unbuttoning or unzipping them.  Size XL is entirely too big, Lg is almost too big too.  We won't even talk about  those 2x shirts that look like omar the tent maker gone amuck in my closet....My wedding band is getting too big for my finger.  My shoes are getting too big for me, now, if only my belly would go away too...

I had the most amazing workout ever 2 days ago.  I actually did (don't laugh, I bet some of you can't do it!) 5, yes, 5 shaky, real pushups  considering I haven't been able to do a real push up because my gut and boobs were in the way I'd say that's progress! 25 roll ups while holding my stability ball over my head! 4-15 second planks, 1 Just 1 Side plank,YAYAY  I did it lol!  try it and let's talk about difficulty sister!  10 bridges plus 10 more with leg lifts. 6-10 second basic swan plus 10 more with leg lifts. 4 up/down dogs(tried something new, oh man love the burny stretchy feeling). My abs and obliques are still so very sore it's hard to move but what a wonderfully delicious kind of sore it is!

Followed with a nice long hot bath and a slathering of creamy vaseline lotion and I'm soft, smooth, and relaxed even if sore.

What did you do today?

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