Thursday, December 9, 2010

Three Pounds and 10 Truffles

I gingerly stepped on the scales this morning fully expecting to have gained weight since I ate as much of Grant's edible Science project as he did.  For such a skinny thing he sure can EAT! Shock and amazement and no error reading 201.8!  I broke the 204 strangle hold by cheating my ass off three days ago!

So I was a good girl all day today.  I only drank water.  I had mandarin oranges and yogurt for breakfast.  I had tuna and California Avocado for lunch. I took all of my supplements.   But my husband walked in with a box that said from (insert friend's name here) which meant I had won her weekly drawing for free candy.  OMG!  Handmade hand dipped TRUFFLES!  BIG truffles.  Delicious truffles.  Plus some chocolate caramel pecan.  I ate 2 truffles and two of the pecan things....sigh.  I feel sick.  Not because I ate them, but because I'm thinking I may have sabotaged myself.

I've worked too long and too hard to get where I am now.  I want to weigh less than 200 pounds on New Year's Day.  I don't know why New Year's day, maybe it's because everyone makes New Year's resolutions for that day and I want to be able to say I already met my goal for the year 364 days early?
I want to and WILL weigh 140 pounds by August (to look like I belong in the bikini).  That means I have to be more careful about everything from eating to exercise to sunbathing to taking the correct supplements.  And God those truffles are calling my name!  10 Truffles.  Just 10, well 5 now, I ate 2 Keith ate 2 and the dog managed to steal one!.  the boys each ate some of the pecan yummies so they're all gone..
I want to  and WILL rock a bikini body by August. It'll have to be a bit on the modest side, but hey, I'll be 42 and have stretch marks so gotta cover some things that just can't be fixed without expensive surgery I can't afford.
The more I type the less yummy the yummy truffles become.  I'm reminding myself of my goals, here in the Christmas season.  See!  You can lose weight during the holidays!

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