Friday, March 11, 2011

Coupon links for the 'Good for you' Foods

Once upon a time I was not an organic food fan.  I thought it was expensive, and it is, if you don't know what you're doing.  A heart attack, stroke, diabetes is even more expensive so I started going for the good stuff.  You don't have to pay a lot of money, you just have to learn to shop smart.  Use coupons, join mailing lists, and keep a sharp eye out.  It's time to start paying attention to what you're putting in your body.  Garbage in is certainly GARBAGE OUT.  You're killing yourself eating all that processed JUNK.

I find cutting paper seriously therapeutic.  Couponing allows me to cut paper, but the thing I hate most about couponing is the general lack of good things for you.  I can find all kinds of sweetened cereal, pasta, mac n cheese, sodium laden pasta sauces and breaded appetizers a body could want, but what I find disturbingly missing is the good stuff.  Where are the organics, the low sodium, low sugar, not artificial stuffs located?  And besides that, just how much lysol and toliet paper do you really need?

First Up  Organic Valley Coop  They evidently haven't updated their list of grocers who carry their product, however, I have seen it a WalMart and EarthFare. Milk, cheese, eggs, cream, butter

Udi's Gluten Free Foods  Gluten free for those who have food allergies.  Friend them on facebook too for cool deals.  I got a coupon for a free item.  I tried the double chocolate chip muffins.  MMMMMMMMmmmmmm good!

Horizon Dairy  Organic Milk.

Egg*Land's Best  Cage Free organic eggs.  Watch the Sunday paper inserts they're in there frequently too.

Wild Harvest  Organic Ground Coffee, Organic Soy Milk, Natural Cereals,  Organic raisins, Organic Eggs,  organic maple syrup,  organic pancakes,  organic yogurt.  Usually $1 off coupons for different products.

Knudsen Juices  exactly what it says, different juices, just watch the sugar content...

Earth Bound Farm  Click products then the free stuff and more tab.  Also watch the fresh produce aisles in your local grocery story they often have recipe books with coupons in the back.  I picked up some last week with 2 75cent coupons on the back.

Eden Organics  sign up for their online newsletter to get coupons.  Flour and cooking needs

Hodgson Mill  I use their flour, cornmeal, ground flaxseed, wheat get the idea  You have to email them for coupons though

Bobs Red Mill  Flours and cooking spices.

My most favorite oil in the world to cook with,  GrapeOla, manufactured by Kusha Rice, doesn't offer a coupon, yet.  However you can find it at in all sorts of sizes and prices ranges. 

If you haven't signed up at  you need to do so soon.  They have awesome freebie coupons every month.  We got a chicken dinner for free with a $10 purchase.  I have 2 teen boys so we just bought extra chicken and fixins which took care of the additional $10 purchase, might as well be practical right?

So there's my grocery finds for the week.  I'll have more next week.

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