Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Four things that help

Lose Weight that is

1) Get enough sleep which is something I've been struggling with as I get older and my hormone levels fluctuate.  Especially when I get off track with my supplements.

2) Eat a good breakfast.  Protein and carbs get the day off to a good start and fuel your body. Seriously!  The 'experts' seem to be right on this one.  I usually have 2 scrambled eggs with torn up baby spinach and cheese mixed in on a slice of Pepperidge Farms 15 grain whole wheat bread, 4 oz milk and 4 oz orange juice.  I'm good to go til noon.

3)  HYDRATE.  Liquid is liquid.  You will see people say only water counts.  That is false.  If you have caffeinated drinks or sugary drinks, they are still liquid.  I counter my bad drink choices with extra water.  Don't have anything to drink with your food.  It dilutes your digestive juices and prevents proper absorption of the nutrients in your food.  If must have soemthing to drink with your food, only take small sips.

4) Get off your butt and move.  I didn't say exercise.  Get up and do something fun, start a new hobby that distracts you from sitting in front of the computer or t.v. and eating all the time. Or, hey, silly me, go for a walk and get soem exercise after all =)

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