Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Is it summer yet?

I made a 1 mile run Sunday.  A very slow one mile run, but I did it!  and I havent' gone back to do a repeat.  I am once again becoming a professional self saboteur.  I can get a long long way, finally get good at what I want to do, then I get scared or performance anxiety, I'm not sure which and stop.  I'm not sure how to get past that mental roadblock.  I can just do it anyway, but I have to get in a position where I can just do it anyway.  If I don't have my running shoes on then I'm not going to run.  If I don't have my Pilate's stuff out and ready to go then I'm not going to exercise...sigh.

Interestingly enough, I have my running shoes on now, at 1:15 a.m.  and just where do I think I'm going to run exactly?

If I am going to run in the 5k on April 30th then I need to get my running groove on right?  Would someone kindly point me in the direction of my groove or point it in my direction?  We seem to have missed each other somewhere along the way these past 2 days.

I got to lay out in the sun today.  I actually fell asleep while outside. It's a thousand wonders I didn't get burnt.  It was just a taste of what's on its way and I'm hoping it will get me back in the mood to run and exercise again.

I seriously need a membership at the YMCA so I can swim or use the weight room or take some fun classes.
I seriously need a membership at a tanning salon to make use of the tanning beds and saunas and body wraps there.
I seriously need to get off my backside and get moving!

Is it summer yet?  Though that's no excuse to not exercise if it's not summer.  I'm just feeling whiny again and I don't like when I get like this and it seems to come around more and more frequently of late. Maybe because I'm not outside as much as I need to be?  I've had to seriously cut back on good for me groceries because I refuse to pay that much for out of season fruits and veggies, maybe it's my body saying hey dummy the good for you stuff is expensive but so is a heart attack, stroke, and diabetes!

Maybe it's time to pay attention to me again?


  1. Mel, We just joined the Y and I calendar in the classes I need/want to take. I hurt my knee doing Zumba so instead went to pool aerobics. Also a friend told me for running to try an app called GETRUNNING, you need an iphone, itouch or one of those to run the app. But its great because it says START WALKING....Walk for 1 1/2 minutes, 10 more seconds, now start running you will run for 2 minutes...then it tells you ONE MINUTE left, 10 seconds left, it tells you great job,how many reps you have left, etc. Then each time you do it, it increases your running so eventually you are running more than walking! It basically gets you off the couch and turns you into a runner! Good luck!

  2. I so wished you lived close to me. I just re-joined the Y and would love to find someone to pair up with.......

    Kim -- who was working on her last 15 but it's now more like the last 30. Yeah, I screwed up.

  3. Don't worry Kim just wipe the crumbs off and get going again.