Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's about determination

I first started trying to get myself back in shape mostly for me, up until my husband decided to point out that, in his opinion, I was third rate, then it was 'oh buddy game on'.  It still is, except he has decided that if he wants me to do something that he should now insult me to make me mad enough to do it.  After all, he made me mad enough to lose some weight right?  Wrong.  He didn't say that to make me lose weight, he said it to hurt me, and he did just that.  The hurt is still there.  It probably will never go away, but I'm learning to live with it. I might not be able to do anything about getting older but I sure as hell can do something about my weight and appearance.

When I finally dropped under 200 pounds, I didn't say much of anything.  I took myself out Saturday and purchased some new clothes. =)  When I walked into work in the new clothes that fit a little too well, I got a comment of 'You just keep getting skinny skinny."  and then the best one of all "OH MY GOD!  You have really lost the weight!" Ah, I have a waist again and I'll put pics up sometime tomorrow of the new smaller waistline showing off in the new clothes (size 14's I might add) I feel a little vindicated now, enough so to push even harder for the 140 by August.  It's going to take a lot of pure grit and determination to get there. BUT.  I will get there.  Because I will it so.  I have a mighty strong will =)

In the exercise department:
I've taken to running again.  I get a little further each time.  My shins don't hurt much anymore.  My lungs are mad at me for running in the cold but that too is starting to subside.  I love running.  It expends a lot of the agitation and feeling overwhelmed when I'm at home by myself.  It's stress relief.   I love being sweaty, even if it's 30 degrees outside.  I feel like I've accomplished something if I have sweat dripping off my eyebrows.  (how's that for a sexy hot image lol!)

I love my stability ball.  It requires so much concentration and attention to keep the ball in place while I'm exercising that I don't have the energy to think about problems at home or work or with the kids school work.  I can actually feel my six pack abs underneath the flabby baby belly.  Now if only that flabby baby belly would go away!  Which is why I run too.  Cardio helps the flabby belly go away.  Now if only I had an indoor heated pool.  I could swim some of the flabby belly off!

The recumbent bike bores the hell out of me, but when no time to run or too cold or icy/'ll do in a pinch.

When we had a tredmill it bored the snail snot out of me too...

2 lb soft weights and 3 pound dumbbells kick ass.  Who knew such light weights could cause so much havoc  on your muscles?

Light and medium resistance bands.  Those babies kick ass too.  Talk about sore afterwards.  Man you know when you've worked out with them.

Pilates still kicks majorly.  I added a new Suzanne Deason Stability Ball for Weight Loss to my video collection .  O.M.G.!  It rocks!

Thinking I may add a jump rope routine to my repertoirre just for something different.  Has anyone seen those Pole Dancing, Lap Dance, Belly Dance weight loss videos?  I'm afraid, very afraid of those things lol!  However I'm also curious.  The instructors do have great bodies.  Meh.  I'll stick with tried and true for now.  Maybe something more exotic when I have a bit of a better body and I'm bored. ;p

I have an Anne Louise Gittleman Fat Flush Diet book on its way.  I've also considered body wraps and infrared sauna.  Anyone know anything about those?

I smell a bikini body by August!

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