Friday, December 3, 2010

Where does she get all those wonderful toys?!?!?!?!?!

Why AMAZON.COM of course!  Get yours soon for a pre-holiday workout! The first thing you'll notice is that I'm not a name brand/label loyalty person. I use what appeals to me most without much regard to who the manufacturer is.

I like this ball. It's light weight and perfect for beginners. When you become more adept then spend the big buck for a better ball. In the meantime this ball is pretty tough. It holds my big butt just fine!

Pilates mat (which IS different from a yoga mat) This is on my wish list. Anyone wanna buy it for me so I don't go sliding across the floor anymore lol!

Soft ball weights. Good for people who have trouble gripping traditional handheld weights. They're squeezable so they make good stress balls too. My kids play with them not even realizing that they're exercising. My husband uses them while riding his recumbant bike. I use them while on the stability ball or add them in while doing Pilates. Think 2 lbs isn't much? Try to work with them for about 10 minutes. tell me what you think then /sly smile/

Resistance Bands. Oversized rubberbands that are fun no matter what exercise you're doing. You don't know you're exercising 'til after the fact. I don't recommend the bands that hook over the door knob or under the door. they have been known to come lose mid exercise and the results have not been pretty...

I'll put up my favoritest (making up words again) video links later so you can have a look at them for yourself. Time to cook supper.

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