Sunday, December 26, 2010

Where the heck have I been?

I've been working my backside off, and stress eating...ham...chocolate...and BREAD. Today, however, I took one look at a biscuit and thought *yuck*, so my 'that's bad for you' groove is getting back into the swing of things.  I only gained 2 pounds so they will easily be lost by Jan 1, unfortunately that throws off my goal of losing 3 pounds to go under 200 pounds.  No biggy, I'll have lost it in another week because I'm going to start running again.  Cardio exercise removes that god awful gut hanging around my middle so I can show off my abs that are so nicely toned that you can feel them under the fat, but doggone it I want to SHOW them off not just ask you to take my word for it.

My poor stability ball fell victim to a naughty kitty cat who thought it looked like an excellent scratching post =(.  I had hoped to get a new one, a pilates mat, and a kettle bell, they look so very inviting (aka challenging!) but I'll have to take care of that another time when I have money again.
My weight loss story is going to be profiled on AOL's That's Fit sometime in the coming year.   The talks are already in the works.

I am so pumped over it!  I needed the motivation, now I have it!  And I want that bikini ready body NOW!

That pleasant little surprise fit so perfectly into my plan to write a book.  Teeny tiny baby steps.  I even have a semi-thought out outline for the book.  You've seen it on here before, but I'm going to list it again.

Chapter 1  What's your motivation
Chapter 2  Plan your plan
Chapter 3 Move it! Tone It!
Chapter 4 Why you need a playlist
Chapter 5 Shopping Lists  and What not to eat/eating out
Chapter 6 Menus and Recipes
Chapter 7 Supplements and why you need them
Chapter 8 What not to wear when your FAT clothes are too big
Chapter 9 Savvy simple beauty tricks
Chapter 10 How to deal with naysayers, wet blankets, sticks in the mud, and party poopers
Chapter 11 Journaling/blogging your way thin
Chapter 12 Why pre planned, cookie cutter diets never work
Chapter 13 How to make a diet 'your way' work for you
Chapter 14  It's a lifestyle change!
Chapter 15 Tell me again, what's your motivation? 
Chapter 16 When your significant other isn't supportive
Chapter 17 You're there, what's your 'and then what?' plan?

Chapter 18 Before and Afters....Their Way (me and my friends who've done successful weight loss our way)

I'm sure I'll add to and subtract from those chapters, but it's a working outline nonetheless.

Hope everyone is safe and snuggled up  and warm here in the north/south east.  We have about 6 inches of snow, the perfect excuse to drink hot chocolate and eat a lot of buttery popcorn.  I'll probably  indulge in a little of both. 

Remember, you can have what you want, just in moderation.

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