Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Have a Good Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  It's important to fuel your body up for the long day ahead.  You gas up your car before you head off on vacation right?  Same theory applies here, your body is about to embark on a long possibly stressful day so why not fuel it up before things get crazy?

This is a lifestyle change you have to get used to. Eating breakfast is part of the routine.

Remember how to start a lifestyle change?  If not: here's a reminder:

First and foremost you have to decide you want to change.  YOU HAVE TO WANT IT FOR YOURSELF.

Second you have to state your goal.  Make it simple. Something easy to do.

Third: Have an idea of how you plan to reach your goal.  No plan. No success.

Fourth: Keep on planning your "And then what" goal.  After I reach this goal using this plan what is my next step? How do I get there?  Once I get there, then what is my next step, my next goal, my next step?  It never stops until you stop.  Once you stop it's your game do you continue making yourself better, do you maintain? If you maintain them you go back to making plans of how you intend to maintain.  Or do you give up?

I'm still in the process of 'getting there.'

Part of your new healthy lifestyle should include diet. Especialy Breakfast.

I dont' do this exact routine/diet every day, week in, week out, sometimes you have to have a break from the low fat, low carb, low salt, low sugar, low everything else routine.  Not everything here is low calorie or low anything except on salt.  I try not to use salt at all. There's enough added salt in every day ingredients to more than make up for what I don't use here.

Upon rising:
 8-10 oz warm lemon water made with fresh squeezed lemon juice.  Why warm?  The warm water along with the lemon has a mild laxative effect. It's good for your arteries.  The vitamin C is good for your skin, and bones.  It's just plain good for you.  Concentrate lemon juice will wok, just go extremely easy on it as it tends to be stronger because it's concentrated.  The more concentrated the juice the harder it is on the enamel of your teeth and the lining of your stomach.  I usually use (1) 1/2 inch thick lemon slice lightly squeezed then dropped into the bottom of my cup and pour the warm water over it.  Let it sit for a minute then drink up.

You can have as much unsweet tea, coffee, or low calorie soy/almond milk, 0 Calorie lifewater as you like with your breakfast. Use stevia to sweeten things up if you need to.  No Diet sodas allowed.

Breakfast:  Choose one daily
1 cup steel cut oatmeal prepared according to directions (fiber)
2 tablespoons plain greek yogurt (protein)
1 tablespoon wheat germ (fiber)
1 tablespoon ground flaxseed (fiber/Omega's)
A handful (enough to cover your palm) of raw slice almonds (protein)
1 cup of sliced strawberries or blueberries

Mix gently and enjoy.  You can use stevia if you need a little sweet taste to your oatmeal

2 Eggs (protein/Omegas if you're using my favorite eggs)
2 tablespoons Herbed Feta cheese. (protein)
1tablespoon GrapeOla (Omegas)
6 torn up leaves fresh baby spinach
1/2 tofuyan everything bagel (only 50 calories and full of fiber!)

Heat grapeola in frying pan, whisk eggs, spinach and feta together pour into pan and scramble over heat til done the way you like 'em, enjoy on your bagel.

This next one is a favorite PMS solution of mine.
1 Tofuyan Plain Bagel
1 tablespoon Simply More Peanut Butter
2 Squares Lindt Chili Chocolate.

Spread pnut butter on each half of bagel.  One square of chocolate on each half of bagel.  Put in oven on broil for about 2 minutes or until chocolate is just on the melty but not burnt side.  There is nothing better than warm chocolate and Pnut butter with a carb fix on the day before or the first day of your period.  Sorry guys, us ladies just have to have something warm and gooey and chocolatey because if 'honey' ain't happy ain't nobody happy.

Quick Breakfast chocolate Fix #2

2 cups Chocolate Almod/Soy/Rice milk
1 cup Ice
1 cup frozen Blueberries or Strawberries
1/2 cup cold STRONG coffee (I have been known to freeze coffee in the ice tray for this. Use 4 coffee cubes for this recipe (more or less or not at all according to your taste)

Place ingredients in blender, on high until nice and smooth, enjoy!  There's usually enough for 2 servings so share or put leftovers in freezer to take for lunch or for a quick yummy snack.  Yopu can make this up in batches before hand and just grab it from the freezer on your way out the door. Give one to the hubby and or  kids too!

Everyone wins when they have breakfast.  You concentrate better.  You have a bit more energy.

Try it for week.  If you decide it's too much trouble, fine, go hungry or eat a donut.  See how you feel then =)

Have a great Tuesday!

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