Monday, May 2, 2011

Finding your breaking point

At what point do you decide that a job, no matter how long you've been with the company, isn't worth dying for?

At what point do you decide that stress at home isn't worth dying for?

At what point do you decide to turn that all around?  Tell stress and stress eating to go take a hike, better yet, join you on that hike?  Everyone needs a little exercise, right?  But where is your breaking point?

I was insulted into taking action.  I was hurt beyond words into taking action.  I decided enough was enough.  It was my life, my appearance, and my body.  No one and I do me NO ONE had the right to do and sya the things that were done and said.  No one had the right to push me so past my breaking point that I could do nothing more than let them?

Would the real Melissa please stand up, put the cookies down and stand up!

Where are you in your weightloss goal?  Have you found your breaking point yet?

Are you pre-diabetic? Ladies, are your hormones out of control?  Can you sleep at night without medicating?  Are you stress eating?  Are people commenting on how much weight you've gained?  Making fun of you yet?  Heart attack?  Stroke? Diabetic? hiding out and eating? Do you still have some pride and self esteem left?

What do you plan to do about it?

Getting outside helped me immensely.  Wide open space with room to roam and run (I do love to run), sunny beaches, quiet lakes, walking trails...You have time to let your thoughts wander, to play out scenarios in your head to help you deal with life's stressful moments, perhaps even figure them out or at least how to deal with them.  But you have to make that time.  Take a walk on your lunch break, take your sheos and a change of clothes if you have to.  I've been known to wear my walking clothes under my work clothes.  The key is in moving, fresh air and sunshine.  Deliberately leave your cellphone in your car.  There's no point in trying to relax if the office is calling you repeatedly while you're out. Break means that, break, time to yourself and time to say (to yourself anyway) go soak your head in a bucket!

I keep a stress ball in my car to carry with me while I walk, poor ball.  It gets squished a lot.  But it helps when my hands are swelling up from all the walking I've done.

Once you've found your breaking point, what do you intend to do about it?  always always have a plan.  Write it down, it isn't in stone so it's flexible, changeable, re-workable, but at least have a good idea of what you intend to do then how you plan to get there and have a 'then what' plan. What is a 'then what?' plan?

Let me explain it like this.  My son caleb has always annoyed the living hell  snail snot out of me with the following conversation "Mom what you're plan for the day?" Insert my reply to which he nods and asks "And Then what?"  It's an endless vicious cycle.  He keeps asking 'and then what' until I finally say out of frustration "I don't know...I haven't planned that far ahead?"  And most annoying of all after that he'll ask "Why not?"

So that's the 'then what' plan.  You keep planning far enough ahead so that you have good long range idea fo what you want to do and where you want to go.  Then you plan some more.

Once you hit your breaking point, and you will eventually get there, Give 'and then what' a try for a day or two.  It's worth it.

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