Friday, May 20, 2011

You Have To Want YOUR LIFE Back

Well, its that time of month.  I've gained my usual 5 pounds putting me back at 203.  Grrrr!  Interestingly enough, my clothes are loose?  Maybe some fo that weight gain is muslce mass because I do have some muscles that can be felt when I flex my arms and legs!

I'm going to experiment with a cake recipe that doesn't use any flour, eggs, oil, salt, or sugar.  Seriously!
The 'cake' is made from soy or whey protein instead of flour (add cocoa or carob powder if you want chocolate), stevia instead of sugar, plain greek yogurt, unsweetened applesauce, water, wheat germ, ground flaxseed, and oats,  It's frosting is made of lite coolwhip.  I'll take a picture and let you know what I think of it probably on Tuesday of next week.

I was watching some talk show today, The Doctors, I think, and there was a 700 pound woman on there who was bawling her eyes out because she had failed at losing weight adn the docotor was telling her how disappointed he was that she hadn't lost more than she had.

It irritated me.  She doesnt' want to lose the weight, not really.  It's her crutch.  It's her attention getting device.  It has made her famous, even if it's just 15 minutes of fame, it still got her on t.v. Why would she want to give all that up? 

You have to want your life back, as the doctor put it.  He's right.  You have to want it bad enough to change your habits, change what you eat, change the way you look at things.  She doesn't want it.  Not yet.  I think he knows that  or he wouldn't have told her he won't have her back until she has lost 100 pounds.  I think he should have set the goal higher.  She'll weigh 600 pounds.  I think with a proper diet and exercise routine she'll lose een more.  She's young.  She didn't appear to be too terribly unhealthy besides the big bunch of belly hanging over the sides of the sofa. I came in on the tail end of the interview so maybe I missed something. 

I set out to lose weight to show my husband that I wasn't third rate on a good day.  In the process I learned I really am not 3rd rate on a good day no matter how much I weigh, no matter how old I am.  It's my mind set and how much I'm willing to do to be a better person.  There's an uber sexy bikini calling my name in August.  The scale this morning startled me, but that's okay, I need to be startled.  You do too.

Do somethingto startle yourself.  Try on that bathing suit from last year or estimate what you think you weigh then step on the scale or keep a list of what you eat today, maybe all three, you'll be surprised one way or another.  Then decide what you're going to do about it.

 I"m going to a family reunion tomorrow so I won't be online til Monday, so have a FANTASTIC happy healthy weekend.  Seee ya Monday.

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  1. Ironic that you wrote about this today because I woke up this morning thinking the same thing. I realized that I have some habits I have to overcome and that means I have to change some things. I don't binge or snack - I just make a lot of unhealthy food choices and I'm paying for it. Time for a new mindset!