Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Grumpy Kind of Day

I'm having trouble sleeping again.  This getting old thing is for the birds.  I snapped at my husband today, hurt his feelings and that is bothering me. He was being  his usual self, scattered, asked me where his socks were and I said "Why am I dressing three grown men?" (I was hunting my 13 and 15 year old sons' clothing too.  Seriously, why am I in charge of knowing where everything is? I needed to get dressed too, but at least I KNOW where my stuff is, I don't depend on someone else to do it for me.---See grumpy me, grrrrr!)

On to other more pressing things.  I could care less that Paula Dean has type 2 diabetes.  That's her business in more ways than one.  No one held a gun to her head and force fed her.  No one held a gun to anyone's head out there who has type 2 diabetes to force feed them either.  Does she have some degree of responsibility for everyone who follows her cooking show or uses her recipes?  No.

It's called personal responsibility.  What I've seen so far, the medeia coverage and what not, is nothing more than nanny staters whining that she misled people which led them to get diabetes.  She made people fat to get rich (among some of the more extreme finger pointers out there)

There are many factors behind who develops diabetes. Lifestyle, exercise, stress, genetics all play a part in your overall health.  People need to get a life and worry about the elephant in their own living room first.  Stop trying to legislate what is and isn't healthy for everyone else.

Eating a butter laden pile of mashed potatoes isn't going to give you diabetes.  Eating a big gooey slice of  bourbon chocolate pecan pie isn't going to give you diabetes either.  Either will spike your blood sugar, but it won't last long and it won't kill you as long as you use some sort of sense of moderation from the beginning.  I'll give my boss credit where credit is due, enjoy a few bites of everything you like.  You don't have to eat it all.  The 'mom said clean your plate' club is out of style.

By the way, eating at McDonalds every so often wont' make you fat either. I had gravy, biscuits, and a small half sweet/unsweet tea at McDonalds today because I wanted it.  I've been craving it for weeks so I gave in and enjoyed dipping the biscuit in the gravy( I never ever pour the gravy over a crumbled up biscuit or I'll eat every last bite of it whichis badbadbad)   I'll eat better the rest of the day, but I probably won't get any fatter or become diabetic over it.

Sorry to disappoint anyone who might have hoped otherwise. Actually, I'm not sorry at all.

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