Monday, January 30, 2012

Too Much Estrogen

As we age our bodies really really turn against us.  I'm 42, in peri-menopause, and in the middle of an estrogen dominant phase which is fuleing uterine fibroid growth which is what landed me inthe hospital onthe brink of death back in November.  My heart is protesting.  It can't pump fast enough to meet the demands of my poor oxygen starved body while it is put through the rigors of exercise.

So it would seem I was on the right path and had everythnig well in hand  when I decided to forge my own path.  How stupid can I be?

How do I fix this mess I put myself in?

Anti estrogen dieting that's how.  No more processed foods.  No more carbs.  NO MORE SOY no matter how much I love the Bolthouse Farms soy drinks.

Go back to leafy greens, 99% organic fruits and veggies, tofu based noodles, and get back out in the sun.  I've been avoiding the trail for a while because my heart simply can't handle running or even walking that distance.  I've had to go to just flexibility exercises with Pilates...again because my heart can't take it.  I'm damn tired of my heart not being able to take it. I couldn't even get up and down fromthe floor last night without my heart rate doubling.  That can't be good. And my doctor just shrugs saying it takes time.. Take it slowly.You're not young anymore.


I hadn't noticed.

This. Stops. NOW.

I've learned my lesson.  I'm tired of being weak.  I'm tired of having to look at that pitying look in my husband's eyes, or it might be an "I told you so' look meaning I told you you couldn't keep up that regimen and now you're getting fat again hahahahha look, who knows?

This time last year I had plenty of energy. I wasn't bleeding to death, literally.  I could do the 5k walk in under 45 minutes. and I'm going to get there again.  Actually surpass it.

And then what?

Well,I have 8 more 5ks on the calander.

And then what?

School to get my health/wellness/nutrition certificatiions so I can open my own weight loss clinic.  Watch out Jillian Michaels, Melissa Murphy is going to show you how us older ladies do weightloss with style and class

Book is in the outline/rough draft mode.


Let's do something healthy today.

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