Monday, January 9, 2012

Now that's better lol!

I really shouldn't be messing with templates when I don't know what I'm doing or have the time to learn either.

Thought for the day: Quitting is not an option when it comes to health.  The only other option is dying and that's kind of permanent and pointless if it can be avoided.

Hats off to Becca Freeman, my heroine, for fighting back against killer, mind splitting migraines, I'm not sure I could be that strong a person. 31 shots to try to control it?  OUCH! I used to curl up in a tiny ball in the corner of a dark room and cry because even the dark hurt.  My clothes on my skin hurt. The wall of the room I was huddled against hurt. Probably the paint on the wall hurt too. The floor I was huddled on hurt. The touch of my husband trying to soothe me hurt.  Sound hurt.  Breathing hurt. Tears hurt. Even my own heartbeat hurt.  I know what that kind of hurt is.  My migraines went away after I had my first child. I hope you will be that  lucky.  Girl I love you!

Hats off to family and friends who are battling different types of cancer. Condolences to my friends who have lost their loved ones in the past few weeks to cancer. 

Hats off to my family and friends who are battling diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and genetic diseases.

I admire you all and wish you nothing but the best.


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