Sunday, July 18, 2010

Breakfst a.k.a. You don't need my permission

Menus are funny things.

They look easy enough, but they give the appearance of being set in stone.
They're not. You don't need permission to eat what you want when you want. Eat breakfast for supper, eat lunch for breakfast, or hey...get really adventurous and have supper at snack time! Just keep in mind, that calories, fat, high fructose corn syrup, and sodium are lurking in everything you put in your mouth.

And you do know the difference in what's good for you and what isn't. That little internal 'ignore the bad stuff I want it anyway' button needs to be switched off. Just sayin...

There are no points, no calorie counting, no weighing, no pre-packaged foods to buy, no pills, nothing here but common sense eating. I'm not your momma, your personal coach, or your trainer. We're all big girls and boys so I'm not going to tell you how much you can eat. This is all individual. I'm giving you permission to do it your way. I'm just telling you the way I do it, modify at your whim. You will also note I use ground flax seed in almost EVERYTHING.


Pick one of the following:

1 package instant plain oatmeal
1/2 cup milk
2 tablespoons slivered raw almonds (not roasted...too much salt)
Handful of blueberries or strawberries or raspberries
1/2 cup greek yogurt
2 teaspoons ground flax seed
2 tablespoons honey

Mix oat meal, flax seed, and milk together in bowl and place in microwave. Heat according to directions. Drizzle with honey, Add yogurt, berries and nuts. Enjoy with as much beverage of your choice as you can stand. (preferably not diet soda, it's very very bad for you)

- Scrambled eggs (the whole egg not just the whites)

2 Eggs (I prefer cage free organic browns)
2 tablespoons herbed feta cheese (I prefer tomato basil)
2 tablespoons milk
3 Cherry tomatoes halved
6 baby spinach leaves torn up
1 tsp ground flax seed
1 tbsp grapeola

Heat pan and add grapeola. Mix up remaining ingredients and cook until done. Serve with 1 slice toasted 15 grain bread, all the beverage of your choice you can stand.

-Bowl of cereal (I prefer Special K) with milk, fruit, side of greek yogurt of your choice, again all the beverage of your choice you can stand

- Beef and Eggs (big family size breakfast dish)
Just brown a pound of chunky stew beef in 1/4 cup burgundy or marsala cooking wine and 2 tbsp grapeola. Once browned, drain and set aside. Quarter five or six cherry tomatoes, 2-3 tablespoons of feta cheese, 5-6 eggs, 1/2 cup milk, 10-12 baby spinach leaves torn up, 2 tbsp ground flax seed, chopped baby mushrooms, 1/2 cup black beans, 2 tbsp Mrs Dash. Mix all together pour over stew beef and cook/scramble until eggs are done. Serve with 15 grain whole wheat toast and beverage of choice.

-Whole Wheat Pancakes, fruit, yogurt, beverage of choice

1 cup whole wheat unbleached flour
1/2 cup milk
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup slivered raw almonds
Sugar free jam or jelly or fruit butter (look for the kind sweetened with fruit juice not artificial sweetener)

2 tablespoons grapeopla (add more to pan if needed)

Mix first 5 ingredients together, if too stiff slowly add more milk, if too soupy slowly add more flour. Pour quarter sized batter into a hot pan. Turn when edges are bubbling and beginning to brown.

Spread with jam/jelly/fruit butter of your choice, serve with fruit and yogurt and beverage of your choice.

-Fresh fruits, veggies, cheese and beverage of choice
Your choice of: Apple slices, kiwi,grapefruit wedges, grapes, berries, avocado, cherry tomatoes, melon, slices of hard cheese (colby, Monterrey jack, cheddar, colby jack,mozzarella), raw nuts, as much as you can stand.

(Watch carefully or you'll end up with a calorie packed fiasco)

1 cup plain greek yogurt
1/2 cup flavored kefir (this is a flavored buttermilk type drink loaded with all kinds of good stuff), go very easy on it
1 cup frozen berries
2 tbsp ground flax seed
1/4 -1/2 cup ice

Process in blender until smooth. Serve with 15 grain whole wheat toast with sugar free (fruit juice sweetened) jam/jelly/fruit butter.

Breakfast on the run

My favorite on the go breakfasts are breakfast burritos, McD's, Sonic, BK, Hardee's all have their own version, avoid the ones that add potatoes of any kind to their burrito. I usually get a bacon or sausage egg and cheese burrito at Sonic. If you must have a biscuit get one that doesn't include deep fried meat (chicken etc) unless you can order it grilled. Avoid gravy and biscuits like the plague though if you must, simply must have it, get the gravy on the side and dip your biscuit in it. Gravy is loaded with sodium and calories ....just thought I'd remind you.

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