Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Someone's MATH is wrong!

I found a little slice of heaven today in the form of Whole Grain Leggo Waffles. But, when I took a look at the calories and what not it says 2 waffles (plain) 170 calories, but it also says if you eat just 1 waffle (plain) it's only 80 calories?

Last I checked 80+80=160. AM I right or am I right? Where'd those extra 10 calories come from?

I also discovered Pollander's fruit juice sweetened jams and jellies. YUMMY!

I am presently loading pictures of the last 10 yeas of my life. I cringe at a lot of them. Oh man! I'm fat! How'd that happen? So many ways, but the biggest reason of all, lazy. Just plain lazy and content with my life. I don't fell quite so lazy, nor am I quite content with being the way I am right now. Life is fine, but it's better when you have the energy to enjoy it and I lacked energy. When I found it again, my poor overworked, stressed, overweight body just couldn't handle it any more.

My kids say they think I 'm happier now, in some ways I am, except when I look in the mirror and all I see is the leftovers of the last 10 years. Today, while I was doing curls on the ball, Caleb poked me in the stomach and said "Whoa! You have hard muscles under all that fat!"

Good to know I have washboard abs under all that fat, why won't it go away? I'm doing the cardio (having a rough time with it with shin splints, you wanna talk pain? They H-U-R-T like the devil) but I try anyway. I'm eating right. I'm exercising, but I'm stuck. Grumbles....

Think I'll go soak in a nice hot bath before bed.

G'night all.

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