Monday, July 26, 2010

Supper Menu

Supper, as you know, is the last meal of the day. You need something more filling, but not high in calories or strongly flavored (unless you just happen to like heartburn/acid reflux at 2 am)

Baked or Grilled Chicken Breast, steamed veggies(easy on the salt and butter), a whole wheat roll(easy onthe butter), and all the beverage you can stand (not soda, no caffeine at night unless you need to stay up late for some reason)

Browned Milanesa, couscous salad(see recipe), steamed veggies, allthe beverage you can stand (you know the drill at this point)

Miso/Wonton/Hot sour or any other broth based soup, oyster crackers (not those fried wonton noodles..calorie central) Whole grain roll, steamed veggies, beverage of your choice.

Stuffed eggplant (see recipe), beverage of your choice

Chili and oyster crackers, beverage of your choice

Pot Roast (see recipe), whole wheat roll, beverage of your choice.

Grilled or baked Salmon(or other fish you like), steamed veggies, whole grain roll, beverage of your choice.

Yes, by all means have dessert, just not a lot of it. One or two tablespoons to satisfy your cravings.

Substitute salad for stemed veggies at your whim, vegetables are unlimited, except potatoes, they're a no no. Rice is a no no. If you absolutely must must must have rice, use long grain wild rice. If you must must must have potatoes, bake the potato and use fat free sour cream and minimal butter or put homemade salsa on it.

Pot Roast Recipe

Before you go to bed, brown your roast in a skillet 3-4 minutes each side, place in crock pot with 1/2 cup burgundy cooking wine (if you use the cooking wine DO NOT SALT THE ROAST)and 1/2 cup water. Put lido n crock pot. Leave crock pot on low over night. When you get up in the morning check the water level to make sure you don't burn the roast while at work, add more water and cooking wine if necessary. When you get home, toss carrots, onions, and broccoli or cauliflower or both into the crock pot. Turn crock pot off place lid back on crock pot until supper time. Roast will fall apart as you serve it, veggies will still be a bit crunchy.

Couscous Salad

Near East Couscous prepared according to directions. Add to it chopped walnuts, black beans, chopped celery, chopped scallions, chopped cucumber, cherry tomatoes,halved, black olives, and 1 can water packed tuna or salmon,drained.

Serve on a bed of washed baby spinach.

Stuffed Egg Plant

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Cut a large eggplant in half, lengthwise, scrape out the middle. Place pulp in browned ground beef or ground chicken or ground turkey, add your choice of salsa, marinara, or spaghetti sauce to the mixture stir constantly until completely heated. Place mixture back inside eggplant shell, top with freshly shredded cheese of your choice. Place in baking dish then in oven until cheese is bubbly.

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