Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Now, for some truly terrifying pictures

Summer 2006
245 pounds

Hard to tell where my neck ends and head begins.

Summer 2007
255 pounds
Can't believe I actually went out in public looking like this.

Fall 2006
240 Pounds
Makeup does wonders, but there's no hiding a double chin.

Spring 1985

90 pounds

Sweet 16

Fall 2009

259 pounds

Ugh! Bloated double chin girl!

These are fairly recent as you see, however, I will have new pics of a new, slimmed down version of me in the next couple of days. Size 12 by the end of August is my goal and I'm in 14/16 (not a plus size either!) or 15/17 (jr) depending on the style. 18's swallow me whole and fall off. XL falls off too!

1 comment:

  1. i've only known you when you looked like this. what if i see you and don't know you on the street? that would be awful.