Friday, October 22, 2010

Diet Police

If there's one thing I can't stand it's the diet police who are watching my every bite.  I never said I was on a diet.  I never said I couldn't eat whatever I wanted to eat.  What I did say is that I'm paying attention to what I eat.  I'm paying attention to the calories, salt and sugar in what I eat.  I'm not counting anything, it's too much trouble.  I don't punish myself for the days and times I stray from what I normally eat. I just wipe the crumbs off and try to do better.

I'm paying attention to my body's signals about the types of foods it will tolerate.  Right now, I don't seem able to tolerate most starchy carbs and I'm okay with that.  I was never a fan of potatoes or pasta or bread to begin with.

I have intense cravings for fresh vegetables (sweet green peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers mostly) and some fruits (blueberries) which sucks this time of year because they're not readily available or if they are available they're extremely expensive and the tomatoes taste grainy.  YUCK!

I have a  huge appetite for Lindt's Chili Chocolate, but I find I can eat it or leave it as evidenced by the not even half eaten bar still in the fridge.  One square does me just fine for the day.

I ate shepherd's pie for supper last night (without potatoes) Still full of calories, but minus the carbs, no salt!  I didnt' use salt!  and I still woke up one pound lighter. HA!

Oh, and weight as of tonight 204.2 I finally snapped that strangle hold of 205.  About time too. I thought I was doomed to 205.  How's that for a Halloween nightmare? 

I ordered my shirt for Halloween and now I'm afraid it's going to be too big for me.  Pants, well, I guess I'll be shopping Cato's and maybe some other specialty stores to see if I can find something that looks good with the shirt.  The leather that I wanted to wear escapes me this time due to finances and still being over the 200 pound mark I set for myself.  I know there are lots of women who are well over 200 who are wearing leather and um, yeah, we all know what that looks like...

I promised Shirley a brownie recipe and that ain't happenin' tonight because I'm being lazy lol.  I'll post it sometime this weekend, promise.

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