Friday, October 22, 2010

You Have My Permission

Whoa!  Three posts in one night!  Don't get used to it.

One thing has been bothering me, beside food police.  It's the sheer number of people who seem to want or need permission to do something for themselves.

Sure, I'll give you permission.

1) You have my permission to not be fat anymore.
2) You have my permission to eat better.
3) You have my permission to feel good about yourself no matter what.
4) You have my permission to not clean your plate.
5) You have my permission to color your hair.
6) You have my permission to buy clothes that you look good in. Notice I didn't say that look good on you.  There is a difference.
7) You have my permisssion to do your diet/change of lifestyle your way.
8) You have my permission to tell Weight Watchers, Atkins, South Beach, and Jenny Craig that their cookie cutter diet program doesnt' suit you that your life and your body doesn't fit in with their cookie cutter mold.
9) You have my permission to totally screw up your 'diet' as long as you eventually get back on YOUR program
10) You have my permission to a design it yourself lifestyle change.
11) You have my permission to exercise as much or as little control as you wish over your lifestyle.
12) You have my permission to not feel guilty around me while you're eating chips and I'm munching on carrots and hummus.
13) You have my permission to indulge in whatever you like.
14) You have my permission to call my lifestyle change a diet.
15) You have permission to quit/give up at anytime, just don't expect sympathy from my corner

All I ask is that you refrain from telling me what my 'diet' rules are.
1) a: I don't punish myself for totally screwing up my meal and snack plans for the day. 
    b: I don't have actual written out meal/snack plans, just whatever is available and I feel like eating (within reason)

2) I don't call it a diet, because technically it isn't a diet per se, unless you want to consider food consumption a diet as in "Her daily diet consists of a lot of fruits and vegggies and whole grains" instead of "She eats a lot of weird stuff on her diet."

3) I don't fear failure. I just dont' accept failure. I get up and dust my knees off, or my ass, depending on which direction the blow came from and go at it again.

Anything else you  need permission to do, you have it.  Unless it's illegal, at which point, you're on your own.

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