Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Tricks and Treats

Artficial Sweeteners are a NASTY business!
 The good the bad and the ugly lowdowns on everyone's favorite sweeteners here on Halloween as you sort through all those goodies in your trick or treat bag..

Things to remember: Aspartame causes cancer.
Splenda   is a chlorocarbon (a chlorine containing compound)  Chlorine, as in BLEACH.  And you're putting that in your body everytime you consume it.

High Fructose Corn Syrup   is a hidden sugar that can cause problems with diabecs who arent' payign attention to what is in their food. 

The good stuff?  Honey, the darker the better, though it does cause a temporary spike in blood glucose levels, it isn't as dangerous as sugar.

Agave, a 32 on the glycemic scale whereas honey scores a 58, and granulated sugar (table sugar) score 65.

So pick your poison.  I prefer granulated sugar to artificial sweeteners, at least it won't cause cancer.  I use a lot of honey and have recently started using Agave too.  I like them both.

How's that for short and to the point?

Updates on weight and measurements on the 9th!

Me in all my witchy, windblown glory.  Okay so I cheated and got out of my black pants that were uncomfortable in favor of a pair of well worn, comfy jeans. and I lost my hat to the wind lol!  Hubby said I won the boob appeal award.  I think I look fat (I know I am, but this just made it look worse!)

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